— To Build Or Not To Build… A Border Fence

Remember when the American People told THEIR government that they did NOT want a border fence?  Well, the reason you don’t remember that is because THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!! Americans want a border fence and they want it now!  Truth be told, Americans have wanted a border USMexBorderfence for about 40 years, but US Presidents and the Congress — under both parties — have failed to do what they were expected to do by the very people who employ them and put them in office.  Government talks about border security but never seems to get it done and they take half-measures in an attempt to make it appear as though they are interested in stemming illegal immigration into the US.  But it is not exactly clear that they actually want to slow the rate in which American border and immigration laws are being broken, and US sovereignty being ignored. The last President to make a large scale attempt at addressing illegal immigration was President Eisenhower when he undertook OPERATION WETBACK (“Wetback” was a common word that is NOW a derogatory term  made infamous by Cesar Chavez). Chavez used this term referring to the notion that many of the illegals entering the united states did so by crossing waterways such as the Rio Grande while he was attempting to unionize agricultural workers.   Since Eisenhower’s successful operation, there has only been talk, innuendo and failure… including when President Ronald Reagan signed an Immigration Amnesty bill put in front of him by Congress (Simpson-Mazzoli Act).  The American people expected that border security would start in the form of a fence. But that didn’t happen because after the amnesty bill was signed — came the government crickets, and inaction.

Why Does Government Do Nothing?

The government seems to forget (or ignore the fact) that its job, as per the Constitution, is to protect the rights of individual American Citizens AND to protect the sovereignty of the United States.  The US mexico-borderGovernment’s job is NOT supporting those in the country illegally, and NOT to protect the citizens of the world (even when they enter the US illegally).  It is actually, government’s job to find those who broke US laws and treat them accordingly. The historic reasons that government chooses to do nothing… is based upon which party is leading government at the time.  Democrats do nothing because they believe (probably rightly) that many poor Mexicans will vote Democrat in order to get benefits from government thus making the Democrat party more powerful.  Republicans do nothing because they believe (probably rightly) that poor illegal Mexicans are likely to vote Democrat, but Republicans can siphon-off some of those votes if illegals don’t see the Republican Party as being anti-Illegal Alien.  Democrats want another demographic under their whips and chains, and Republicans don’t want all those votes to go to the Democrats, in spite of what the people who support their party believe or want. Instead of admitting that they do not want to do anything to stop illegal immigration, government chooses to come up with excuses as to why they should do nothingThey (1) claim the terrain is not suitable for a Border Fence on much of the border and that a fence would be too impractical to build.  They also say (2) a virtual Fence is just as effective as a real fence.  They are WRONG on both counts!

 (1) Non-Suitable Terrain & Too Impractical To Build

Suggesting the terrain is not suitable and is impractical for a fence is a hideous cop-out excuse as why completing a border fence should not even be attempted.  But if anyone ACTUALLY believes that a fenceline is not possible because of terrain or length of the US Mexican border, they only need to refer to that most impressive border fence that has been completed by humans in all of humanity; The Great Wall Of China.  What those people are actually saying, is that modern engineering is not capable of building a smaller, lighter, more unobtrusive fence — than a wall that was built thousands of years ago over far more rigorous terrain.

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The Great Wall Of China is 21,196 km (that is 13,170 miles for you Americans).  The US/Mexican border is only 3,169km (That’s 1,969 miles).  And don’t claim its the elevation that makes it difficult to build on because the Great Wall climbs from sea-level, up to 5033ft while the US/Mexico border also starts at sea-level but climbs 1/5th of that (less than 1000ft).  So many-a-politician would want logically driven Americans to believe that the United States cannot build a fence that is less than 1/12th the distance of the ‘Great Wall with modern technology and contractors — and to top it off, there’d be no bricks used!  There’d be no army of Masons or equipment carrying slaves (which built the Great Wall).

 (2) A Virtual Fence Is Just As Effective

The Purpose of A Border Fence is to establish an obvious border line that lets everyone know where exactly… the border is.  The border fence doesn’t have to stop “EVERYONE”, because nothing stops everyone (not even the great wall). It must remind and warn everyone that they are breaking the law. Most importantly, it lets them know that they are not welcome.  Although it is not a fortress, it must weed out those who cannot climb (i.e. 3rd trimester pregnant women), cut, or get through the fence quickly and ensure that specific efforts and planning are taken to bypass it.  It must add risk of injury and consume time to allow those who might be able to respond, such as the Border Patrol and Military, time to get on-scene.

A Virtual Fence has NO chance of stopping a Jeep.

The question could be asked that; if a virtual fence was enough, why don’t we have a virtual fence at the White House?  The reason is because a physical fence serves a purpose.  The purpose is to provide a barrier.  It doesn’t take much logic to explain to any idiot, that even if you were dealing with the dumbest cow on the planet, a basic barrier like a 3-strand barbed wire fence works to restrict where that cow can go, and is more effective than a virtual fence that lets someone know the cow has escaped.  Obviously fences can be climbed.  But not by everyone, and it still takes time to bypass a barrier. A border fence channels larger groups of would-be illegals into fewer crossing areas and increases the odds that they may be detected or deterred.  A Border Patrol Officer becomes more effective when he can see people climbing over a fence hundreds of meters away, as opposed to not being able to see people crawling under the brush-line less than 30 feet away from him or walking through trees.  A border fence turns a “Open Border” into a “Controlled Border”.

Mexico’s Role

The Government of Mexico is not acting like a good neighbor regarding the US border.  Mexico has a vested interest in getting it’s citizens into the United States.  As a country with a small economy and a severe lack of jobs for its own citizens, Mexico’s second largest source of foreign exchange behind oil is Remittance from Mexican citizens living and working in the United States to send money to their families in Mexico.  This occurs to the tune of nearly $20 Billion per year.  American money being sent to Mexico keeps a large portion of the Mexican economy afloat. Mexico does all they can to ensure this transfer continues.  They lobby US Politicians to ensure the Mexican Government has a say in the US immigration policy.  They maintain over 50 consulates and

Illegal Aliens loading up to travel into the United States on (The 'Beast).
Illegal Aliens loading up to travel into the United States on (The ‘Beast).

governmental facilities (far more than any other nation) to ensure ILLEGAL Mexicans can continue to live and operate in the United States.  They’ve modified a form of ID (Matricula Consular) in an attempt to legitimize their illegal citizens in America.  Mexico stood by as thousands jumped on trains (including ‘the Beast) leading them through Mexico closer to the US Border. But the most ironic part of it all, is what Mexico does to those who enter their southern border illegally.  Not only does Mexico have a southern fence, but they also have their military posted, guard posts and towers manned to thwart illegal immigration into Mexico.  When they find Illegal Aliens within their country, they are processed as criminals and jailed.  If the United States were to have the exact same laws and treat Illegals within our country as Mexico does, Mexico would likely object.  Not that their objection should matter. The United States is a sovereign country with its own laws and the opinion of the Mexican Government SHOULD ONLY be as valuable as a neighbor who thinks you should allow unwanted guests on your property.  Mexico should be reminded that although neighbors, the US and Mexico are two separate countries.   They should also be reminded that Mexico is a drain on the US economy, so their input is not valuable or helpful and is tainted by their hopes for status quo to ensure US dollars continue to support the Mexican economy.


In the end… This is not about the Illegal Aliens (would be immigrants).  There is little doubt that if Americans could improve their lives by moving into another country, even if illegally, many Americans would take that opportunity.  This is about sovereignty.  If Americans could be certain that government was aware of who was entering, most would be supportive of orderly immigration.  2014 was a year in which an extremely large percentage of those entering the United States over the southern border were OTMs (Other Than Mexicans).  Illegal Aliens from other southern American countries, as well as China, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and other nations enter the US illegally, and It is the illegal entry that is unacceptable.  Additionally, it is also the fact that socialists and collectivists within the US have made Illegal Immigration costly by giving everyone opportunity to collect welfare state benefits.

Something has to be done!  If you don’t have borders you’re willing to fight for, you don’t really have Sovereignty.  If you don’t have sovereignty, you don’t really have a country.  Your sovereignty will further be eroded if you’re going to provide illegal aliens with benefits from the public purse.  We all know the truth,  and that truth is that if someone is living in the United States illegally, they should NOT feel too comfortable living in the United States. The reality is… that Americans do NOT want a “Great Wall Of China”.  They just want a “Simple Fence Of America”.  They don’t want 30 foot wide sections on top of the fence for an army to march on!  It will not be 40-50 ft tall!  There’d be no fortifications on top of the fence to fight from.  This would merely be a anti-personnel and anti-vehicle barrier.

OBVIOUSLY, a fence CAN be built. A smart President would ensure a border fence was completed.  He would be planning for the day where he could have a Border Fence completion ceremony where he flies to the border and welds-in the final sections.  His name and legacy would be indelibly locked in American History as the President who finally secured the border. So again, what are the reasons America does not have a border fence?

Kali Pinckney

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