— America Is Not A Monarchy — No More Bush’ or Clintons

I cannot believe we even need to discuss this but apparently we do.  We have, presumably, millions of Americans out there that are either hoping that Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2016.  Obviously, we attempt to find names we know.  Yes, all parties attempt to put forth those with the greatest odds of victory… which is usually those with political power or capital that will lead to greater fundraising (because Political Parties buy the Presidency).  So despite thousands of American politicians, we (by which I mean the Political Parties) whittle our opportunity to have an effective, great President down to those who have name recognition.  But what’s so bad about “Hillary” or “Jeb” — Since we are on a first name basis with them:

I would never vote for Hillary Clinton because I believe she is Obama-esque in her ability to say things that are not backed up by logic, fact, or truth.  Just like Obama, she will say whatever she thinks will be politically expedient, despite the real, actual circumstances.  Both Obama and Hillary remind me of a pre-pubescent munchkin running for student body President in Elementary School.  They will promise French Fries every day for lunch.  They will say they will ban homework!  People will cheer and those promises will never come to fruition.


I would never vote for Jeb Bush because I believe his family has had enough Presidents.  Despite the fact they are Patriots, If your family has had two Presidents out of 45, that is enough!  It may be unfortunate for Jeb and it may be unfair, but regardless… That’s it!  Anything else, means we are moving toward a system that is similar to the system the United States left.  We are NOT a monarchy where political power is passed down through families.  What’s next, is Chelsea Clinton gonna run?

Despite the fact that I detest the thought of a Hillary Clinton Presidency — because I think she’s an opportunistic liar, (especially when reminded about her role in the Benghazi situation and the death of a US Ambassador), as a Libertarian, she’s pretty much out for me anyways, because she’s a Democrat, and therefore, leans to the side of more government and socialism for ANY and EVERY answer to ANY and EVERY issue.  But in the end, there WILL BE millions of people who WILL NOT vote for another Bush President.  I am amongst that group.  Not even if that Bush were to run against Adolf Schicklgruber-Hitler himself.  Maybe it’s time to vote for the Libertarian.

Where’s the group, Americans Against Any More Bush Or Clinton Presidents (AAAMBOCP)?  ‘Cause I wanna lifetime membership.

Kali Pinckney


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