— Kohler “One Night” Cough Syrup — Its Got What In It???

I love old Americana.  Especially in the form of old OneNightphotos (such as…), cars, buildings and (architecture).  Now one thing I’ve never really thought about, is old time medicine bottles.  But I gotta tell you.  They can be pretty interesting.  They’re like a time machine!  They capture an era long gone when healthcare was a proactive concept where the dreamers believed they could buy a long life.

But what’s worse, is that you get the vibe that old ‘timey swindlers and fraudsters just kinda whipped some stuff together and declared their concoction as healthy… despite any science that may have existed at the time.  We’ve seen hazardous materials, such as mercury, gold, and silver, be used as medicines and “elixirs” that were sold by carpetbaggers on the corners of streets.  We’ve seen drugs, such as Cocaine and Heroin be used as medicines. It’s quite the Interesting Dichotomy.  But I think the ingredients of ONE NIGHT COUGH SYRUP take the cake.  Check this out:

Check Out Those Ingredients...
Check Out Those Ingredients…

Yes, it’s true… Coca leaves were used as the ingredient in the first formula of Coca Cola.  But Cannabis? in your Cough Syrup?  ChloroformMorphine base with some Sulfer in it for good measure.  I don’t know how toxic this is, but it sounds downright dangerous.  But hey, at least it doesn’t have too much alcohol in it!

…and, for some reason, I kinda wanna try it.

Kali Pinckney


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  1. Khalil Jamal says:

    Where do I buy dis???

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