— Great Web Site — “Lost, Texas”

Every once in awhile you find a web site that it so interesting you cannot stop reading.  Well, I’ve found another one of those.

“Lost, Texas”

[http://lost-texas.com]… is a simple/basic WordPress blog site that lists some of the many ghost towns, historic villages, and other abandoned architecture located throughout the state. ‘Now many states have isolated little areas that people no longer inhabit around them, but Texas is so huge, and the weather is so stable that many of these old historic locations do not degrade as much as they would have in other states.

lost-tx imgLost, Texas has found and photographed everything from old, abandoned Hotels, to empty Churches, to long closed Schoolhouses and most importantly, he lists the town name, directions, and gives a brief history of the towns.  Many of the images are haunting.  It seems that the individual who runs the site is also a photographer.

Lost, Texas makes me think I need to get me an RV so I can travel to some of these places.  Go check it out.

Kali Pinckney

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