— December 2014 — The Day The US Hit $18 Trillion of Debt

Well here we go again… It seems like just yesterday I was congratulating you because the US National Debt hit 17 Trillion Dollars.  But now… I’m congratulating you because we’ve just went over 18 Trillion Smackeroonies.

We hit $17,000,000,000,000 on 18 October 2013, but in a little over a year… we added a trillion and are sitting at $18,000,000,000,000.  The speed at which we’re collecting debt is increasing and we’re doing nothing to slow it.  Instead of cutting spending, government is increasing its spending.  Instead of government paying back debt, it is monetizing its debt (which means printing more money for itself… so it can pay that devalued money to its debtors).

18 tril debtIt seems like the last time I wrote about THE (Not OUR) US national debt, it was to remind Americans that this debt is not ours, but that it is purely Government’s Debt.

And yet, all Americans should occasionally go see the US Debt Clock and take a close look at how much each American would owe ($56,370) if the government’s debt was distributed evenly amongst the citizens.  More importantly, they should note how much every Taxpayer would owe ($153,729) since not every American “pays” taxes.  This $18 Trillion will NEVER, EVER be collected or paid back.  But it will likely be the reason government collapses.  Eventually, the US Government, just as all other governments who have failed before it, will realize, that they cannot print enough money to pay their debts.

Kali Pinckney


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