— Valerie June — My Latest Musical Infatuation

What do you get when you mix blues, jazz, country, western, soul, and American Folk music together?  You get:

Valerie June

Valerie-June CD
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…and she’s my latest musical infatuation.  She’s ultra-unique, has dreadlocks, and is just, ooohh, all-kinds-of-smok’in hooottttt.  And she has a deep southern Tennessee accent (which always seems  make any lady that much more hot).  Her musical influences include of all the artists that CAN influence a modern “American-music” singer,  but her most interesting influence is… Dolly Parton, and you can actually kinda hear a little bit of the ‘Dolly in her singing if you’re paying attention.  I find myself listening to her at some point every day (for the last 3 weeks), whether in my car, before I go to bed, or as I get ready for work.  For some reason she seems to work with all my quirky moods.

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She’s played the big Music Festivals including, South By Southwest, as well as the, Austin City Limits concert series in Austin, TX.  She herself sings as well plays the guitar and banjo.   It is fairly rare when a new singer comes out and has ZERO relationship to any other musicians that you see on the music scene at any given time.  This is because music producers aren’t inclined to sign them because they are too different.  Although producers want “unique” artists, they want artists who can sell albums (CD’s), and too far of a deviation from what is selling, becomes a risky proposition… But every once in awhile it occurs — and I think Valerie June is one of those.  She is like the band Queen, in a market full of bands like Credence Clearwater Revival, AC-DC, and Black Sabbath.  Her unique-ness comes from her upbringing.  Check out her interview here:

She’s going places!  Her current CD is called Pushing Against A Stone and it is an eclectic mix of all the ‘American music styles you and I love.  It’s just the right amount of blues, western, soul (American Music).  If you’re in a funky mood and just need something to make you feel a bit better.  Listen to her sing her song Raindance (not on her CD) AND watch this video… So cute!

If that doesn’t put a smile on your face and some warmth in your heart… You’re a cold-blooded bastard!  What do you think?  Yea or Nay?!?!  (Not that it matters, ’cause I’m in love with her!)

Kali Pinckney


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  1. I love her! Such a inspiration. Glad you wrote on her, she deserves to be heard!

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