— Civil Asset Forfeiture — Today and Tomorrow

If you haven’t been paying attention, police have been STEALING from innocent people.  Not like a street-level criminal does; going behind ones back and covertly breaking into their houses to steal chonies, tv’s, and mattress money.  No, they’ve been STEALING money in the Asset_Forfeiture_Programfashion that Saddam Hussein or at least Mexican Police do — They just take it!  But in the police’s defense, they do write a report that states how they suspect you MIGHT commit a crime, or that they have a belief that you or your goods MAY be used in furtherance of some B-S illegal activities.  They may not have any evidence!  They may not EVER charge you with a crime, but they just took your property all the same!   And since they steal the property of innocent people and it benefits their Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, local government, or even the feds, there is no reason to stop their behavior because all of the people with the power benefit (which is why the Department of Justice does not investigate abuses).  Agencies actually benefit financially from taking other people’s property.  How does the saying go: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!?

Now, I’ve never seen his show until I saw this clip, but John Oliver did a little segment that about says it all!  Watch and be angered.  It’s kinda long, but well worth your time.  It’s almost painful to hear some of the stories of those who’ve had money STOLEN from them.

Now!  The Asset Forfeiture and Civil Asset Forfeiture process’ were initiated with the best of intentions — fighting criminal organizations.  But as we usually find, intentions don’t save us from unintended consequences (remember “Separate But Equal?”).  Perhaps it is time that we end this corrupt process because we all know what will eventually come to pass.  IF people steal from others, they are criminals and should spend time in jail and/or die — regardless of who they are!  Do police really want to be known as criminals or dirty police who steal people’s property?  Do police departments really believe this will end well for them?  Whatever happened to that 4th Amendment thing???

The more government and police steal the property of law-abiding citizens, the more citizens will see the institution of policing and law enforcement as corrupt and dirty.  And if an individual has their property stolen by a police department, don’t expect that individual to help the police, even when he can.  Ask ANY Mexican Police Officer if his citizens will help him when he is getting his ass beat on the side of the road.  Your answer is No! And that’s where American police are headed.  “Them” against “Us”.

Police represent the first layer of government FORCE and American policing is on the precipice of disaster already.  Despite having good people, the institution is faltering in the honesty, transparency, and trust departments.  They must get rid of the Mine Resistant Military Vehicles and get back to their duty to “Protect and Serve”?

Kali Pinckney


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