— The 8 Types Of Libertarians – And You Thought They Were All The Same!

It’s easy and all too convenient for people to think there is only one kind of “Libertarian”. Those who choose to believe this seem all MiltonFheritageto comfortable grouping all Libertarians into one monolithic, group-thinking mob. They would admit that it would be unfair to treat other groups this way. Truth be told, it’s partly the fault of us Libertarians, but yet, here we are.

Humans attempt to group people into tidy little groups because it is in our nature. Whether its foreigners, blacks, whites, women, illegal aliens, Asians, ex-cons, cowboys, Hispanics, politicians, cops, Muslims, gays, teenagers, the French; we group them because they generally deserve it (Ah, You didn’t expect that did you?!?!). But alas, it is true! Blacks, we like ribs, looting stuff (apparently) and big butts. Whites like sandals, creating new drugs (huffing paint & licking frog backs), and the mellow musical stylings of Coldplay.  Hispanics like tortillas, Oscar De La Hoya, and chubby chicks. Asians like to denigrate other kinds of Asians, noodles, and used-schoolgirl-underwear-vending-machines. Muslims like subservient women, Lamb meat, and… I don’t know, beheading stuff!  The truth is, that we humans, just as does every other animal, stereotype, profile, and catalog things as a means of self-defense. As an example, we all know the type of people who will get on your airplane and try to blow it up — Whether you’ll say it out loud or not.

So some of the stereotypes of Libertarians must also be right! Right? Well, Probably! We do tend to dress differently, distrust all government, question the motives or intelligence of those who do trust government.  We also standout as unique characters — but that’s about it because there are multiple kinds of Libertarians. They don’t believe the same things, they haven’t all had the same experiences, and they think diversely, just as free people do.  But they do share some basic tenants, such as the belief that, “A free person should be free to do what they want — so long as it doesn’t interfere with the rights of others”. Libertarians can be categorized into one of 8 general categories of Libertarian.

Those general categories would include the (1) Conservatarian, (2) Utopiantarian, (3) Logictarian, (4) Barely-Libertarian, (5) Miltonian Libertarian, (6) Libertari-Ayn, (7) Darwin-arian, and the (8) Founding Libertarian.

Read About The Eight Types… HERE


Kali Pinckney


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