— In The End, We Will Be Either Libertarians Or Slaves

If you haven’t noticed what has been going on in our society, culture, and our country as a whole, you are either blind, party-loyal (of which no one should be a loyal-Democrat or socialism quoteloyal-Republican), or you are socialist-leaning.

The United States was founded under the acknowledgement that the INDIVIDUAL human being has Natural (or God Given) Rights.  That merely by the sake of being human he is in control of certain facets of his own life (speech, religion, etc).  This is a clear acknowledgement that government DOES NOT allow or provide us our Rights but government is forced to accept these Rights as something it (government) cannot LEGALLY curtail because they are not “provided” or “granted” by the government.  These Natural (or God-Given) Rights cannot be taken away by a government.  A list of individual Rights (The Bill Of Rights) were/are supposed to be inalienable — Meaning, they cannot be removed, seized, voted away, and you can’t give up your Rights to government even if you wanted to; ‘and you certainly cannot give up the Rights of others.

But, as time passes, we Americans are seeing our Right to live the way we choose to live, diminished by others.  If you disagree, try digging a hole on your own property to collect rainwater that the EPA does not like.  RawMilkRaidTry starting a Charter School in a place where the county does not like Charter Schools.  Try starting a business in a city where the government wants your money more than they want your business.  Hell, try selling or drinking unpasteurized/natural milk in some places in our country and you’ll find yourself raided by a heavily armed SWAT team.

The Slave

Being a Slave and being a Subject are surprisingly similar. Both are ALLOWED to live at the whim of another. And if a crime is committed around them, another can subjectively claim them guilty (‘or not if they pay enough fees or taxes).  Americans are on a path to Slavery, being Subjects, or at a minimum, becoming Indentured Servants.  The most sure way to become one of these groups of people is… ‘to voluntarily do what another wants you to do, even when you know it is not in your best interest.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves” — Henry David Thoreau

It is not the individual’s function, job, or requirement, to live as others, especially government, want them to live.  If the individual’s actions are not hurting any other individual (legally), then it is no one else’ business.  If government objects to an individual living the way they choose to when no one else’ real/actual Rights are being diminished, there can be no clearer evidence that government is attempting to enslave that individual because, by definition, Slaves do not have Rights.

It should be assumed that government does not like the Rights of the individual largely because government sees ALL individuals as part of groups.  It sees the groups as an equation of a government calculus problem that IF solved, would lead to a stable, controlled society.  Government does not want hundreds of millions of “individuals” that choose to live as they want, roaming THEIR country.  Government wants groups – that are led by other groups – whom are in turn, led by politically aligned groups – that follow political parties – that follow the rules of the government.

The Libertarian

The polar opposite of the slave is, the Libertarian!  The Libertarian accepts that his Rights, are his Rights, and that he is not subject to the government not liking his exercise of those Rights.  Libertarians are not bound by a party-loyalty (not even the Libertarian Party), but by sets of beliefs and tenants because it is not in their DNA to be part of even benign groups.  They believe in concepts such as following the Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, The Bill Of Rights, and staying out of other people’s business (because that is the drawback of others staying out of their business).  They recognize that government’s goal is to have everyone listen to them and do what government thinks is best.  They understand that if their rights are ever attacked, that it will be done by, or through, government.  Libertarians recognize that if an individual has no right to steal from others because it is a crime, that government taking the same actions must also be labeled as a crime.  As Ayn Rand (a noted Libertarian) wrote:  Rights are not a matter of numbers – and there can be no such thing, in law or in morality, as actions forbidden to an individual, but permitted to a mob.”

Whether one identifies as a Republican or a Democrat is inconsequential.  Obviously, one of those parties is more dangerous than the other [Hint:  its the one who ALWAYS proposes larger, more powerful government in every instance of disagreement] but both parties will lead to larger government over time because they are part of a system that rewards them for being part of that system.

In The End, We’ll All Have To Choose To Be Slaves Or Libertarians

…because inevitably, government grows to a point in which it consumes so much wealth, Rights, and freedom from its citizenry that it becomes obvious to the citizen that their rights and freedoms have been attacked and government has become an enemy.  EVERY government grows and either becomes Socialist or Dictatorial given enough time – and each one of those government types eventually faces revolution and/or collapses.  Look to Europe or South America for examples of countries who have Socialist-inclined governments.  Look to the Middle East or Africa for examples of countries who have Dictatorial-inclined governments.  Look to the US for a country that has a government that is growing and a citizenry that is declining despite the good intentions of its newly enacted laws (PATRIOT Act or ObamaCare).

Thomas Jefferson

Socialism and Dictatorships are dangerous because the goal of these two systems results in the government deciding how others should live.  The founders of this Country [United States] left other countries because they wanted to live as they wanted. They wanted to be free to live and die away from the control of a king or central government who had power to decide how all should live.

Eventually, Americans will have to decide for themselves if they believe that government can determine how many, and which, rights will be seized from the individual.  If you believe government can do that fairly, than you will naturally become a slave.  Afterall, how can you negotiate with someone who is willing to seize something from you?  If you can say “no”, but they can seize what you told them they cannot seize despite your objection;  Then it was never a negotiation.  The same concept applies to Rights.  The ONLY outcome of negotiating ones individual Rights will be that an erosion will take place from the individual — toward the favor of the government!  As it grows, naturally, the individual’s importance, power, and Rights will subside.

One day, most of us will have to decide if we will allow ourselves to become slaves OR realize that we are Libertarians.  That we should be free to live our lives as we choose regardless of what government says.

Kali Pinckney

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