— Is It Amnesty, Or Is It Anarchy??

Alright!  So in the pantheon of topics I didn’t think I’d ever get the urge to engage in, is Illegal Immigration… Yet, here we are! But lets clarify something.  I, as a Libertarian, am not against anyone trying to get into the United States because they believe they can build a better life (without taxpayer help) for themselves and their family.  I’m all in favor of making immigration NATURALIZATION a more simple, predictable, process in which those who follow laws can come to the United States if they choose to do so.  But what I am not willing to do, is patently approve of, surrender, or be forced to cede to, a lawless system that benefits those who are willing to break the law as undocumented immigrants ILLEGAL ALIENS.

The United States has laws against illegal immigration, however, the United States Government (President/Congress) isn’t doing the work it takes to support or enforce its own laws.  Many of us illegal_alien_borderbelieve that this is due to the ideology of those leading that government (…and you know who they are).  In the United States in 2014, where a US Government is not interested in enforcing its own border laws despite what the OWNERS of the government want; the government chooses to do something contrary and this is the real problem.  Government is running rampant and is becoming dangerous.  This tendency to follow its own whim, or make up its own rules despite what the citizens approve of, would not be odd in the case of a dictatorship, or possibly a kingdom.  But in a country where the government is ‘of the people, ‘by the people, ‘for the people; WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM!

We’re Headed For Amnesty

Amnesty is defined as:  A pardon levied upon a group or class of persons by a government forgiving their illegal offenses or behaviors”.  The current amnesty being discussed is one that we have granted before.  Although the intelligentsia (politicians, Open Borders proponents, amnesty advocates, and college liberals with doctorates) do not call it amnesty, they split hairs.  They instead call it “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” because they are fully aware that Americans do not want ANOTHER amnesty when government cannot uphold the conditions of the previously granted amnesty.  Under this “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” concept, Illegal Aliens would be able to become legal citizens based on the administrative actions of the US Government alone.  Of course, this is despite the fact that they broke US laws and failed to meet current immigration rules upon entering the US illegally (which is a Federal Crime).

The mere idea of another amnesty angers the MAJORITY of Americans, both Democrat and Republican (and Libertarian), especially when Illegal Aliens are the cause of damage, danger, or death of American citizens.  It is not because they hate poor people or do not like “immigrants (aliens)” but because it’s one of those situations in which Americans can/do treat each other one way, but will not accept foreigners treating Americans in that same way.  illegal_immigrationThe fact is, that MOST Americans do not trust the US government to fix the core problems that lead to the amnesty.  Government won’t secure the border any BETTER than they do now, and they will not strengthen the laws that punish non-Americans for breaking America’s laws.  Despite these facts, government is still motivated to take actions that Americans do not want which further infuriates those who follow the law.  It makes sense that Democrats would want Amnesty because they believe (rightly) that most of those granted Amnesty will eventually become Democrats.   It makes less sense that Republicans would want Amnesty, ‘but for the fact that Democrats tell Republicans that Amnesty would be good for the Future of the Republican Party — and the idiot Republicans actually believe that Democrat strategy for them.

The thing about lawlessness, is that it is contagious.  Employees do not follow the rules of a Supervisor who does not follow the rules.  Criminals will commit more crimes in an environment where other criminals are committing crimes.  If one would-be Illegal Alien learns that other Illegal Aliens have made it into the United States and are benefiting, they are more inclined to attempt it themselves.  Eventually, as Illegals arrive, they are housed in temporary taxpayer-funded facilities, only to be released on their own recognizance into the US.  They will enter the society and will not pay the amount of taxes that citizens must pay.  They will benefit from a healthcare system that they did not support.  They will LIKELY collect benefits from a Social Security, Welfare, and social structure that they have not “invested” in.  Some will never learn English.  Many MAY have children that will benefit from a school system that they are not helping to pay for.  A Majority will NEVER become legal citizens UNLESS an Amnesty is given.  And in the end, Illegal Aliens will thrive in a chaotic environment of de-facto Anarchy.

We Have Anarchy NOW

Alongside of its political system definition, Anarchy can be defined as:  “A state of general lawlessness and disorder resulting from of an absence, collapse, or failure of government”.  The anarchy arising from immigration is primarily based upon the IA linegovernment’s own activities, or lack thereof.  Government and its leader, is sending the message that anyone can break the US immigration laws and instead of punishment, they will benefit from the lawlessness.  Instead of going to jail and being deported, Illegal Alien lawbreakers will be given a court date, be required to go see an Immigration Judge (eventually), and will be set free.  The acknowledgement is that most will NOT return to see any Judges.  Many MAY be diseased, some are criminals, and some are gang members.

It can only be ironic that one of the functions that can only be handled by the Federal government, as per the US Constitution, is one function that the government chooses not to handle — and that function is Border Security and Naturalization.  The anarchy arises from the US government, and not the Illegal Alien.  No one begrudges anyone searching for a better life for themselves and their family… They are NOT the issue here.  The issue is that in 2014 — the US Government will NOT support the Constitutional function of controlling the borders.  Government must answer the question of when it became good policy for it to ignore its responsibilities merely because it does not want to follow the law as written.  Does the federal government even care about what its own citizens wish it to do… or does it care more about what those whom are NOT citizens of the country desire?


Branco 2013 – Legalinsurrection.com

Few Americans are “anti-immigrant” or “anti-immigration”, HOWEVER, they are “anti-lawlessness”.  They realize that a government who does not follow the laws itself, cannot expect others to follow government’s laws.  Countries are Sovereign entities and they have rules and laws that they must enforce.  Countries, including the US, must enforce their rules evenly and fairly to ALL within their borders or accept ever-increasing lawlessness.  There is no in-between!  There is no allowing some to break the laws while punishing others for breaking other laws.  EVERYONE naturally thinks themselves unique and worthy of unique treatment (given the opportunity), but that should not be supported by law.  If anyone gets to break laws and benefit, why should non-citizens benefit over those who are actual citizens?  See the problem?

Lawlessness grows like a weed and government must ask itself what it would do if groups of Americans choose to ignore laws in the same fashion government was ignoring laws.  What if 40,000,000+ Americans declared that they would no longer pay taxes and then actually failed to pay?  Government would be beside itself, when it finally realized that it does NOT have enough resources to address that many people who are acting lawlessly.  What if those same people received warning letters from the IRS and still refused to pay taxes?  There are not enough Federal Employees (let alone) IRS employees to go after that many people.  After 3, 4, or 5 years, the US Government would have to make a decision. Go after every one of them, or offer Amnesty to those taxpayers who failed to pay?  It is probable that Government would attempt to collect, or seize, the pay or property of all of those who failed to pay, even though they only have less than 200,000 federal law enforcement agents who could participate in collecting those funds.

There should be no doubt that when there is Lawlessness, it ALWAYS ends badly!  And that lawlessness eventually leads to further anarchy.  Eventually, that state of anarchy leads to a circumstance in which people must be rounded up and punished, pardoned, or given amnesty for the actions they have taken during that lawlessness.

Kali Pinckney

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