— Are The Rich Getting Richer? — It’s A Good Thing

Are The Rich Getting Richer???

The short-answer is:

“Yes”, but it’s not a bad thing!

The long-answer is:

Well… The long answer requires you to be reasonable and think like a Libertarian (I know you’re scared, but let us try it anyway).

When Socialists, Anarchists, Communists, basically ALL of the “ists” (with the exception of Capitalists), get together, they claim that everyone is suffering because the “rich keep getting richer”.  It is their go-to ideology, but they NEVER ask what that statement actually means.  Their real premise is that the rich are getting richer and thus, FORCING the poor to get poorer (or more poor).  They believe that for every dollar a rich person eat the richmakes, that a poor person must have lost, or been denied, that very dollar.  But that is not how an economy works.  That dollar-for-dollar thinking only applies to finite budgets.

As an example; if you work at Taco Bell (or the Waffle House) and make $1200 per month; that is how much you make, and thus, that is how much you are limited to spend.  You receive a finite amount of pay that you can spend.  If you take one of your dollars from your food or gas budget, that dollar cannot also be spent on your gym (or alcohol) budget.   An Economy, on the other hand, is an “infinite” budget.  It GROWS as it can.  How do you know it grows???

A simple way to test this growth is…By noticing the amount of wealthy and rich people.  For the sake of simplicity, lets limit ourselves to the United States.  At one point in America, There was only ONE millionaire.  Then there were TWO.  Then, there would be FIFTY.  Eventually there would be HUNDREDS and currently there are THOUSANDS.   The same exercise can be directed at billionaires.  In the past, there was ONE billionaire.  Then there were TWO.  Currently, there are DOZENS and eventually there will be THOUSANDS.  But that does not end the story.  In the Future, there will be a trillionaire!  When that occurs, you will note that there will also be more millionaires and billionaires than there is now.  How can the rich keep getting richer during a period in which the “poor” people’s lives also improved?  Because the pie is not of finite size; and is growing.

So back to the question of; Are The Rich Getting Richer.  Sure, but it is not at the expense or detriment to those who are “poor”.  Note that in countries where there are more millionaires and billionaires, the poor are not “poor” as they are in third world countries.

Despite the fact that our modern definition of “poor” includes people who own cars, flat-screen TV’s, and live in actual non-shanty structures like houses and apartments.  If someone is literally poor and has “nothing”,  that “nothing” is exactly the Beggar-horse-and-carriagesame as a poor person who had nothing in any other time in human history.

What some people may be saying is that the DIVIDE between the rich and poor is growing.  Well, that is true!  That divide will NEVER get smaller (without communism).  There will always be “poor” people because to achieve being “poor”, does not require an individual to do anything, whereas to get rich, requires action, activity, hard-work, or at least, luck.  That divide between rich and poor must naturally grow in an ever-growing economy!

The goal for EVERYONE, should be to try to get richer themselves.  Not to complain about HOW the rich are getting richer — when that has absolutely no tie, or connection, to the poor getting poorer.

Kali Pinckney




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