— The Problem With The President – He’s Never Been In A Fight

The problem with Obama is that… He’s never been in a real, actual, physical fight!

Now, I’m not talking about a political fight where one side wins the political office and the loser goes home dreaming of what could’ve been (He’s been in 3 of those). I’m speaking of a fight in which one must address his Bashfaceinternal fight or flight response.  ‘Where one arrives at a point where he must accept that another person wants to beat his ass to a bloody pulp and he must accept the premise, that either, he must fight or he must run away.  For simplicity’s sake, I’m not speaking of a fight in which you’re uncertain if you will survive or die, but just a real knock-down, drag-out fight in which one takes a good kick to the breadbasket (I love using that term), or perhaps a swift punch to the pumpkin (head).


Physical fights are educational in the same way sports, in general, are educational. An individual learns a lot merely by participating.  If he wins, he learns that it pays to keep his cool and keep his attention on his surroundings.  He learns that he can face off against someone who is more violent, more aggressive, and perhaps bigger and stronger than he is.  The winner learns that he can come out victorious so long as he doesn’t panic.  He learns that preparation, both mental and physical, are vital in dealing with some people.  Especially when those people are dedicated on starting a fight.


The loser on the other hand, earns the opportunity to learn a lot more than the winner did.  While the winner celebrates, the one who loses the fistfight gets philosophical and contemplates his loss by wondering what he might have done differently that would’ve led to a different outcome.  The loser has to deal with both, the fact that he lost, as well as the fact that his ego got bruised.  This process is called “growth” and helps him build “experience”.  Additionally, this process helps prepare him in the event he has another fight.  Obviously, the loser becomes a more wise of an individual and realizes that it rahman-headwould’ve been best to NEVER have fought given the option.  Simultaneously, survival-of-the-fittest ensures that the loser learns to discern when he has the “option” of avoiding a fight, and when he does not.  He learns that he cannot merely ignore people who want to fight him because it only takes one person to start a fight amongst two people.

The loser’s lesson leads to an understanding, ‘That there are some people whom, despite all actions you take to avoid fighting them, will still start a fight with you; even if you do not fight back.  A person who makes a decision that, NO MATTER WHAT, THEY WILL NOT FIGHT, will just end up the honorable, beat up, guy who will lose respect of those around him.  One begins to understand that EVEN IF you do not fight back, someone else can still beat your ass.  Stated another way, Sometimes you must fight… even when you do not want to.

Why Bullies NEVER Fight Each Other

Those who will not fight even when others are taking advantage of them, must learn that there are people who MUST be fought.  Some people will harass you until either, — you give them what they want, or — they take what they want.  A look through history will show notable examples of people whom it was obvious, needed to be fought early on.  Hitler is an OBVIOUS example of someone who was a bully and needed to be addressed SUMO2early, however, wasn’t because people (like Neville Chamberlain) thought they could avoid fighting him.  They confused a state of “peace”, with a “lack of war”.

But why don’t Bullies EVER Fight each other?  The reason is because, they are both willing to fight and the other bully knows it.  They have an understanding amongst themselves in their core-being that they can both win and get what they want from others as long as they avoid fighting each other.  Bullies do not actually WANT conflict.  They WANT easy victims.  If one bully is beating up a smaller kid, no other bully’s will stop him.  The person who will TRY to stop the bully, on the other hand, is the kid who is willing to fight the bully EVEN when he knows he has little chance of success.  If Obama learned the lesson that sometimes you have to fight, even when you do not want to, the US Government might be standing up against Putin and Russia for attacking its smaller weaker neighbor (Ukraine).

Back To The President — Obama’s Folly

Obama’s Folly — is that he’s a Bully and he doesn’t know it!  He will do all he can to avoid fighting other Bullies.  He will do nothing to fight Russia as they seize Ukraine, not because he thinks what they are doing is right or wrong, but because, he doesn’t want to fight Putin (and Putin is another bully).  He’d prefer to bully Americans by making them be part of a healthcare system that they want nothing to do with.   He’d prefer to bully Israel because they won’t give the Palestinians what they want.  He’d prefer to attack Assad in Syria because he believes (or BELIEVED) Assad would fall with minimum effort — even though that has proven false.  He supported the ouster of Gaddafi because he knew that other nations (even the French) were gonna do it, even if, the US would not take part.

But to add some complexity, Obama is a bully that has never been in a fistfight. He is neither a Winner or a Loser.  He has not learned the lessons that a warrior must know when dealing with other warriors [do not underestimate them or their motivations].  He has not learned the lessons that the lowest-ranking soldier must prepare for [that sometimes we must fight because it is the right thing to do].  He has not been forced to accept that sometimes… you may have to fight even if you don’t want to.  He believes it is natural that he only try to win a fight… if others are on his side supporting him and/or pushing him forward from behind.  He will not even risk himself, for his Ambassadors, let alone others whom he does not know!  It seems apparent, that he will try to find every means of avoiding any conflict that he is not certain he will win because he is afraid to fight and still believes that “peace” and a “lack of fighting” have the same value.  He has bought in to the non-military premise that one needs an “Exit Strategy” before any action is taken (despite the fact that exit strategies are for losers — not for the winners of WW1 or WW2).  The winners of WW1 or WW2 fought to win, despite not knowing the outcome or having an “Exit Strategy”.

Unfortunately for the President, many around the world do NOT see him as a strong President.  They see him as a “weakling” at best, and a “coward” at worst.  All because, he has never learned the basic lessons that one learns after having been in a fistfight.

Kali Pinckney


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