— Touching Picture From The Korean War

Every once in awhile, I run across a picture that’s both tough to look at, yet I cannot take my eyes off of it.  And I’ve found another one.  I don’t know where it came from (although, I can assume a military cameraman), but it’s safe to assume it was taken by another Soldier, or a military Combat Cameraman, because during the Korean War, there were no imbedded news networks.  The photo itself is of a Soldier consoling another Soldier, presumably after a battle in which one of the Soldiers friends was killed.


What makes it even more intriguing to look at is that it appears, that the older, more mature Soldier and the junior Soldier are of different races.  This was at a time when the US military was “Re-integrating”, after a previous US President (who was affiliated with the KKK) “Re-Segregated” the military.  The photo looks like a “real” and “genuine” moment shared between a person who really cares, and a person in real pain.

The photo is amazing because it leads the viewer to conjure up more questions. What happened?  Who died?  How did this embrace begin?  Was the younger Soldier crying when the older (presumably) Soldier see that a fellow Soldier needed a hug and initiate the embrace?  I must know, alas, I never will.

Kali Pinckney


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