— [FLASHBACK] – American History In Black And White


I happened across this video of David Barton AmericanHistoryinBandWregarding his book American History In Black And White.  I’m assuming this video is from his DVD that shares the name of the book but I’ve never seen the video.  Regardless, This book is so good I thought it was worth posting about.

If you don’t know him, David Barton is a brilliant man.  He is a walking encyclopedia of American History and he wrote a book that I think most American’s should read regarding the racial history of America.  You are guaranteed to learn some information that you’ve never heard before (or at least heard in context of history).  You’ll wonder how you got to your current age without ever having learned this information before —  And then you’ll wonder why this information is not being taught in schools; and then you’ll get angry!

Buy this book.  You need to have it!  A quick look on Amazon shows that it has a 4.5 rating (out of 5).  If my word means anything to you (which it probably does not), you’ll spend the $8.06 cents to grab a copy for yourself.  Now, I know you said you’d never buy another paperback book, but this does not come in a Kindle version that I know about, but it is a book you NEED to read.

Kali Pinckney

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