— You Know You’re Becoming A Classy Older Gentleman…

There comes a point in a mans life that he realizes he is no longer a spring chicken.  When he’s no longer the kind of guy that is interested in chasing the ladies around.  Where he’s seen it all and is no longer interested in playing the games.  Where he’s only interested in women who can mentally, emotionally, and bluntly, keep up with him.  Where he no longer feels that he needs to trick women into liking him.  This is when a man truly becomes a “Gentleman”.

OlderGentSure there are young “gentleman” out there, but smart women understand and accept that those young gentlemen are playing some kind of game; and in the end, still want to get in their pants.  Women recognize that if they flash some boob, they can manipulate a man into doing just about anything they want.  But:

You know You’re becoming a “Classy Older Gentleman” WHEN you can appreciate an attractive younger woman… but you want nothing to do with her because you know she’ll bore the living crap out of you!

Kali Pinckney


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