— Sequestration And Government Shutdown — And We’re Still Here…

Yes Sequestration.  Remember that thing?

Remember back to the olden days!  The days of yesteryear when Sequestration took effect after a budget couldn’t obama sequestrationchicagotribunebe compromised and signed (which was good, by the way).  Government threatened drama and turmoil on an unprecedented scale.  Government attempted to threaten the American People, which they hoped would cause politicians (Specifically Republicans) to give in and allow the Executive Branch the money the President wanted to spend.  Remember before it even started, SOME politicians went out and threatened an economic holocaust?  Well, that economic holocaust was only really a 3% budget scratch to a few agencies.  But that was enough to Shut the Government down, and you know what?  It worked out OK.

The crazy, wacko-bird wing of the Republican party (Libertarians and Tea Party types) were stronger than expected and Sequestration happened and yet we’re all still alive…  The government didn’t crumble!  Now was there any harm to the economy?  Who knows?  But probably not!  Some government employees lost some days at work — which means money, but that happens in the private Sector all the time.  As a matter of fact, when a Private Business loses money, it has to make hard decisions such as firing people or downsizing.  Obviously, no one wants to do that but that’s the way the cookie crumbles for everyone EXCEPT government.  The Politicians went Bat$#!+  crazy.  But;

We’ve all learned a lesson (again).  Just because Politicians proclaim we’re all gonna die if they don’t get more money, does not mean it will actually happen.  This is because, politicians ALWAYS want more money.  They believe they must have your money or they cannot do their job (which is spending other people’s money – or “Executing Budgets”).  So Sequestration comes, government must do with 3% less, and it tells everyone that the economy will die?!?!  And the poor will Suffer!  And the unemployed won’t get their benefits! and There will be less Police!  And government employees won’t be able to pay their bills!

But government conveniently excludes the fact, that government does NOT produce a damn thing and any money it has, must have been taken (seized/collected/stolen/taxed) from others who actually, in fact, earned that money.  Yea, the government is NOT like you or I.  Where we must earn our money for fear of starvation and death (like most of the world), government can just take it from the likes of you.  And if it wants more after that, it can warm-up the printing presses and add a bit of ink, paper, and electricity.

Sadly, just as the Kings of the past, the Government will ensure that WE will all starve and die before it does!

Kali Pinckney


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