— Road Bike Party – ‘Never Seen That Before!


Alright!  Every once in awhile you see something that… you just couldn’t fathom seeing and you would not have believed – if you didn’t see it with your own two eyes.  Well, I’ve run across another thing like that.  Is it a guy jumping out of an airplane without a parachute and landing in a swimming pool?  No!  is it a dog driving a car to the mini-mart, with $5.00 in his mouth to buy some crisps (that’s chips for you Americans)?  Ahh No!

It’s a guy on a Road Bike doing some tricks, some of which, I’ve seen Mountain bikers or BMX bikers do.  Other tricks, I’ve just NEVER seen ANYONE do.  And that’s why it blew my mind and I found it worthy of sharing.  This video was uploaded in 2010 and is Part 2 of a series of Road Bike Party video’s, but, they are all new to me.  Check it out???

Right?  Its not only the fact that road bikes, with their thin wheels/tires, aren’t made for such abuse; its the fact that he’s taking risks that are just insane (riding over the bridge span).  Martyn Ashton is the cyclists name… and he got the largest pair of testosterone balls I’ve ever seen!  I don’t know what he does other than crazy-assed stuff on bikes, but he’s just fearless.  I would assume he’s some kind of sponsored roadbike racer but that’s purely speculation based on the advertisements in the credits.

It truly is a great video.  I like to believe the creativity and cinematography used to produce the video made it worthy of a few moments of your time.  I hope you watched the outtakes!

Kali Pinckney


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