— Americans — We Are All Serfs and Subjects — Take A Knee

All Hail King Sam!!!

My Fellow Americans, we now have a King!  The King determines your taxes, the laws you’ll live by, the food you can eat/drink,  and even, where you can build your house on your own property.  Our King even determines the level to which you can exercise your rights and freedoms (despite the Bill Of Rights). If the King determines it, he can even say which rights he’s going to strip away from you.  Our King has the Same Goals as EVERY King (Queen, Pharaoh, Dictator, and probably Emperor) that has EVER roamed the world.  What is that Goal?

To Consolidate Their Power!

All Kings (and their ilk) have done it and all Kings in the future will do it.  They want to be the most powerful person they can be.  They want to control a powerful military.  They want to get rich, and they want to be in a position where they get to make the final decision on all things within their Kingdoms.  AND SO DOES OUR GOVERNMENT!

Haile Selassie

But don’t be confused…. OUR King is not One Man sitting on his throne, surrounded by his gold, being coddled by a large staff of slaves and subjects, whilst being entertained by a court of Jesters.  Americans would hate that guy and would fight any man who claimed to be the rightful King Of America.  And then they would promptly Kill Him!  But OUR KING IS “GOVERNMENT”!

Where Kings of the past had the power to create laws that their Subjects had to live by (for fear of punishment or death); King Sam has that same power.  Where Kings of the past maintained a monopoly on the use of force; King Sam maintains, and save the 2nd Amendment, strives to achieve that same monopoly.  Where Kings of the past “allowed” their Subjects to “own” land, that would still technically be the King’s that he can take back if he chose,  King Sam increasingly decides that he may seize your land for evermore minor causes.  He confuses taxes with ownership and if someone chooses not to (or cannot) pay taxes, they will lose their property.  Unlike the shoes, TV, or Automobiles, you “own”, your property is not really yours, it is government’s.

Regarding taxes — OUR King does what every King in history does/did.  He arbitrarily decides that he wants his subjects (you) to pay more taxes when he wants more money… Our King currently taxes the average American at a rate where more than 50% of earned income (Fed, State, City, Local) can be taken from you, and then the King refuses to accept that your money has been seized by the Kingdom.

The Irony is, that we in America always proclaim that we can’t have a King.  We say we are a Democracy (although we are actually a Representative Republic) and we say we left the British Empire because we didn’t think that being under the rule of a King was an appropriate way to live.  No Monarchy should be able to control one’s life, and we’ve succumbed to a King anyways.

Where every man used to be the King of his castle,  Government is the King Of Kings!!!  And that King of Kings will not allow any restrictions upon his power.  If a law is an impediment, he will find a way to bypass it.  But, Sadly, this is occurring right under our noses in less than 300 years after our Government’s founding… Our Representative Republic has become our King.  We fool ourselves into believing we have power, liberty, and freedom, based upon the fact that every few years we get to vote and have the opportunity to rid ourselves of some of those elected politicians and pick new ones.  Unfortunately, we fail to recognize that the overall Government fills the role of monarch.  Some politicians die or go away, but the person who replaces him, is his family.  He may have a different last name, but he is the same.  He wants and believes that all problems can be solved if only government could make better, and/or more laws and rules.  And alas, OUR government has all the same, EXACT powers as a King.

Americans Pulling Down A Statue Of King George III

America’s last Colonial King, King George III… Was a Monster!  Where he taxed the colonists at nearly 8%, King Sam’s taxes can exceed 60-75%.  Americans went to war partially due to taxation without representation.  But now look at us!  We have higher taxation, but still have no ACTUAL representation.  65% of people didn’t want National Healthcare (Obamacare), Only one political party voted for it… and now we’re all stuck with it despite our individual rights being ignored.

King George III also Searched and Seized property with no cause; King Sam now does far more searching and seizing through the National Security Agency (NSA).  OUR King is so bad, that if ANY other King in history could collect the data/effects/records of their subjects like the US Government is currently doing, they would.  Stalin, Kim Jong Un, or Hitler would’ve loved the capability that the US Government is comfortable directing at its citizens/Subject’s.

King Charles I Being Beheaded
King Charles I Beheaded

We all know Kings, Pharaohs, Emperors, Dictators, etc., etc., are dangerous.  And now, here we are.  Unfortunately, history shows us that Kings make the laws… up until the inevitable revolution that happens.  Revolution ends when the King is hung, shot, or has his head separated from his body in the town’s square as a crowd cheers his death like King Charles I, Louis XVI, Julius Caesar, Saddam, Qadhafi, or Ceausescu.  To think OUR King is somehow different is grossly naive since EVERY kingdom that has ever been, has eventually come to a violent, and tumultuous end.

Kingdoms and Kings end up dead under differing circumstances, but due to the very same question:  Have there ever been Kings who have voluntarily made their Kingdoms less intrusive, less violent, or less powerful?  The answer is “NO”.  The same question applies to government, and therefore, the same outcome must apply.

So take a knee and bow to your King!

Kali Pinckney

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  1. Zarove says:

    Bunk. Not all ings wanted more power, and the idea that all Kins are Tyrants that tell you how to live and afford you no Freedom is ridicuklopus. In fact, not all Kins are absolute Monarchs to begin with and many have to work within a Parlaimentary System. but even Absolute Monarchs often cared more for their people than themselves abd not all fo them sought greater power or more wealth. In fact, many of them gave up Power in oprder to protect their people. For example, King Michael of Romania abdicated his Throne because the Communists had captured 1000 University students and threatened to execute them all if he didnt. Instead of sayign they were “Mere peasants” who opnly existed to increse his power and write them off as a collateral loss, he willignly gave up his Throne.

    Or what about the much maligned King Louis the 16th? He actually refused to open fire on the Revolutionaries simply because he beelived the King’s duty is to protect his people, not shoot at them.

    Heck, even King George the Third wasnt a Tyrant, althoguh Americas founders called him one to justify a Revolution agaisnt him.

    Monarchy is generally smaller in Giovernment than Republics as well.

    I knwo that Americans hate Monarhcy as its prt of our collective Heritage guiven from the Revolution but, coem off it, Monarchy is not dictatorship and not all Kigns seek only to consolidate their pwoer and to gain more power.

    Tht’s just cruel and maliciosu conceit.

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