— Do You Hate The “Tea Party”? — Why???

Are you one of those people who hate the Tea Party?  As A Libertarian, I’m used to being distrusted or otherwise stereotyped for my beliefs; but it’s different! Libertarians are looked at as insensitive (because our beliefs revolve around the Individual), perhaps callous (because we believe that caring for people does not require treating them like slave children), and definitely conspiratorial (because we understand that ANY human and thus, ANY government, will do ALL they can get away with).  But you know what? Libertarians aren’t necessarily “hated”, we’re just “annoying” to those who do not believe in “Freedom”, “Liberty”, and “Individual/Independent Choice”.  Now Tea Partiers… That’s a whole different story.

Anyone who has any relationship with, link to, or know anyone in any group remotely affiliated with the “Tea Party”, better be prepared to be dubbed a crazy, anti-government, fanatic, who’s probably racist.  And the “racist” label is extremely distressing because wielding that is akin to a child cain TPPclaiming that someone molested them.  That accused individual will have to prove that they did no such thing and accept that he/she is guilty, Until Proven Innocent… It’s so bad that even Tea Party types who are of the groups the “Tea Party” is supposed to be racist against are considered racist.  Look no further than the racist claims against Herman Cain, Allen West, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz.  They are Black and Hispanic, and have been dubbed racists.  It’s crazy!

But the question for those who despise the Tea Party remains;

How can anyone hate a group of people who believe in a less powerful central government, limited spending by government, lower taxes for everyone, the protection of individual rights, and adherence to the Constitution?

TP UNK PhotogWell, I suppose that it’s easy to hate the Tea Party if you are one of those who believe that there should be no limit on government power, do not believe in lower taxes, individual rights, or the Constitution.  But here’s something controversial that you might want to consider.  Tea Partiers (sans the random outlier) strike me as the type of people who would have been opposed to slavery.  They strike me as the type of people who would’ve believed in morality, freedom, individual rights (The Bill Of Rights), and the United States (as both a country and ideal).  I suspect they would also willing to fight for those ideals (which we may soon find out).   But lets analyze it a tad more.  Would the type of people who support the Tea Party be the people that would’ve fought the British, Signed the Bill of Rights, and ended slavery?  Or would it be the type of people who support National Healthcare, redistribution of wealth, or powerful Central Government that would’ve fought for individual rights, ended slavery, and fought the British (who was the central government of that time)?  Is it an accident that a large percentage of Tea Partiers are veterans, give significantly to charities, are frequently described as conservative, and whom many non-Tea Partiers consider religious zealots?  I’m not prepared to say for sure; but if one group was to support the Redcoats…. It definitely would NOT be the Tea Party types.

Does anyone actually believe that Tea Party types are inclined to take money or freedoms from others?  Especially considering they started their movement to lower EVERYONE’S taxes?  Areahh terrorist they the type of people who’d support slavery when they believe EXACTLY the same arguments that the people (President Lincoln and the early Republicans) who fought to end slavery believe?  Yea, I know… We’re all supposed to hate them because they must be racist or something like that.  But I’m not seeing it.  As a Libertarian, I believe that I am more able to trust members of the Tea Party “movement” than the modern Democrat Party (or Republican Party) because Tea Party Types believe I should be free to live as I choose, so long as I don’t hurt anyone else.  We may not agree on all things, but we can meet at the Constitution understanding that the States are laboratories of democracy unto themselves and no Central Government should be able to overrule every decision they make because not everything is a Federal Issue (the Tenth Amendment).  If I don’t like what’s going on in California (and I don’t), I can pick up and move my ass to Texas (which I did).  The exact polar opposite of the Tea Party would be those naive, trusting masses who want a larger, more powerful CENTRAL government that can seize property, seize privacy (NSA), tax from some to give to others at a time and manner of government’s own choosing and for whatever reason it deems necessary.  Most disturbingly, those silly masses believe in forcing one idea/law across all States, merely because… “they like it”.  Such power is not “Federal”, it’s something else.

And it’s not like powerful central governance has ever worked amazingly well before.  If the best way to live was to have a powerful central government with those determined and proclaimed, best and brightest, making the decisions for everyone and for society as a whole, wouldn’t the Communist governments of China or the Soviet Union have worked???  What about the other Nationalist/Socialist/Communist countries in history? More locally, wouldn’t the areas in which the U.S. Government has a monopoly (Amtrak, US Postal Service) be working so efficiently we’d all be amazed???  Well, evidence doesn’t matter I guess. Why anyone would desire an all-powerful central government to tell them how to live, thoroughly escapes me and my inclinations to live free.

…And if you are one of those who hate the Tea Party movement; check yourself, because it likely means that you are inclined to blindly and/or willingly give up your freedoms and rights to a government that does not care about you as much as you care about yourself.  In that case, find a mirror, because its NOT the Tea Party that you hate…..

Kali Pinckney


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  1. Darcy Voorhees says:

    Nice! Its the first sane thing I’ve read this week. I’m bookmarking in my “keepers” file.

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