— That Time Americans Fought Government — The Battle Of Athens, Tennessee

We are going through a time when the Second Amendment is being challenged because crazy people commit crimes.  Yet, other crazy people – whom we’ll call Politicians – suggest that we should ban some types of firearms (because they look scary).  Merely because those firearms have things like pistol grips, flash suppressors, and detachable magazines (NOT “Clips”).  Obviously it’s not the actual statistics; because those weapons account for very little death and/or violence  [because there are relatively few crazy-ass’].

Now, it has become fashionable for anti-gun types to ask questions like, “What does anyone need an Assault Rifle for?”  They also find it funny to make stupid little quips such as, “If you need more than one round to hunt…..”   They promptly yuck-it-up and move on to the next subject.  They ALWAYS ignore the fact, that the Second Amendment was not written for hunting; and was actually written in the case people needed to oppose government.

…And it’s happened a few times throughout American history.  Obviously, we’ve heard about the time that matters – The American Revolution – but let’s hear a story that you most likely haven’t heard before:


The Battle Of Athens, Tennessee [Also Known As — The McMinn County War]

The year was 1946 (all dramatic like). A family by the name of Cantrell, was deeply rooted and absolutely in control of the Town government of Athens, Tennessee.   Paul Cantrell had been the Sheriff for nearly 10 years.  Since the time he was elected, the towns boa2citizens had believed he and his family corrupt.  More Cantrell family members were given positions of power.  The Cantrell government was so corrupt that they did things like shakedown travelers as they drove the highways and freeways through the county. They were corrupt and didn’t particularly hide it.  The politicians took bribes.  The sheriff’s deputies took bribes.  They charged outrageous fees for tasks government was supposed to be doing anyway.  Some accounts even suggest, they hi-jacked buses and arrested everyone on the bus’ for public drunkenness as they drove through the county.  The Deputies were given bonus’ for every arrest they made… and hence, they made a bunch of arrests.

Despite repeated investigations by the Department Of Justice, All attempts to correct the issues and bring in some fairness and oversight through voting proved fruitless; because the Sheriff’s Deputies were in charge of counting the ballots.  To make it worse, the counting was not public.  And the corrupt government rejected voting machines, “in order to save money”.

As the many military personnel were returning boa1from World War II, they realized their government was corrupt.  The Sheriff and his Deputies even took to beating up, fining, and arresting the Veterans on ridiculous charges…  Well, the Vet’s weren’t so keen on those circumstances.  In the election of 1946, the Veteran’s organized and ran for numerous positions in government.  And then it all went wrong.

One polling location full of Veterans serving as observers was visited by Cantrell’s Deputies and the Vets were held captive (on no charges).  To make a bad situation worse, A Black farmer named Tom Gillespie was attacked and beaten by one of the Sheriff’s racist thugs, he had the “n-bomb” dropped on him, and worse, as he tried to get away, boa3Mr. Gillespie was shot in the back trying to exit the polling place.  But…. No!  McMinn County fought for the Union during the Civil war and did not appreciate racists idiots.  The Vets went in busted their partners out of the Deputy’s illegal detention and beat-down the deputies (and some say tied them to trees outside of town).

…and [in hopes of bringing back a 90’s term] it was on like Donkey Kong!

The Sheriff realized that they’d gone too far and that they were gonna have a fight on their hands with the Veterans, and he did what any corrupt bastard would do… Close the polls early and fill the ballots with made-up votes, count them up… and have himself declared the winner… Just as Saddam, Hitler, Castro, Chavez, and a bunch of other dirtbags have done.  They forcibly collected the ballots, and went to the jail, and locked themselves in!

One of the Veterans, Bill White gave a speech worthy of a bad-assed Sergeant and told the boaother Vets to “get guns”.  The Vets raided a National Guard Armory and made their way to the jailhouse.  They told the “Dumb Bastards” inside to come out.  The dumb bastard deputies didn’t reply and the Vets fired a volley of gunfire through the jail wounding some of the Deputies.  The deputies still didn’t exit… until the jail doors were blown open with Dynamite.  Yea… They surrendered.  All the Deputies survived, however, the guys that beat Veterans and the guy who shot Tom Gillespie, were beaten to a bloody pulp (A couple of which nearly died).

So..  What’s the lesson?  Gun’s CAN beat government tyranny.  And ALL tyrants are afraid of guns. YEA, That’s all I got.  I just find it fascinating that Americans don’t know about this episode of American history… Although, I’m sure government (at all levels) doesn’t want this kinda thing being taught.  There was a movie made about it… that few have ever seen [that was a dramatization of actual events]. Here is a scene from it:

Kali Pinckney

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