— Ken Block And Gymkhana 6

I dig cars, I’ve owned a quite a few of them from Pontiac’s, Chevy’s, VW, Jeeps, BMW’s, Nissan’s, and Mercedes. I used to sell cars.  I’ve driven lots of great one. I dig people who create crazy cars, I dig race cars, and I also dig people who can do the impossible with them.  And at the top of that list is… Ken Block.

I showed you when he absolutely shreds up the Streets of San Francisco.  He’s been on the Tv show, Top Gear (The Real One) on Gymkhana-6the BBC.  And he’s out again with another version of his Gymkhana series.  He’s kinda made up a sport to help keep him sharp for the Rally Racing he does in Europe (for the most part).  He’s throwing his car through more obstacles, and doing donuts around things.  He’s burning up tires and making alot of smoke and noise.  I know, there technically is not much more that can be done from year to year with cars, however, I just never tire of watching how he controls a high performance vehicle (Even an insane, AWD, 650h.p. Ford Fiesta that does 0-62mph in 1.9 seconds).  Check it out!

I just don’t understand how he and his crew can film these and NEVER have anyone in the background.  Seriously, even in downtown San Francisco!?!?  How?

Kali Pinckney


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