— 18 October 2013 — The Day The US Hit $17 Trillion of Debt

[…But We Have Since Hit $18 Trillion – December 2014]

Hey great!  Congrats.  Today, 18 October 2013, is the day the US National Debt hit 17 Trillion Dollars.  That’s $17,000,000,000,000!  It is a number so high that no one can fathom how much space it requires to fill up with Benjamins ($100 bills), let alone one dollar bills.

17Trillion DayIt seems like the last time I wrote about national debt, was about how this debt “is not ours, but that it is purely Government’s Debt“.  That we don’t have a choice in its accrual or any decisions in whether we agree to it.  That was a mere 11 months ago.  Note where the US Debt Clock (and the image above) notes that every American owes $53,756.  And also note that the Taxpayers (since not everyone pays National-Government Taxes) owes 148,743.  It will NEVER be collected by government and will likely be the reason the government fails and collapses.

Most terrifying is the fact that the debt is increasing to the point that This trillion dollars was generated in only 11 Months!!!!  We (as a country) are truly F*****, for a lack of a better words!

NEVER trust government!  Not even with your money!

 […But We Have Since Hit $18 Trillion – December 2014]

Kali Pinckney


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