— Congratulations On Your Obamacare – Enjoy!

Okay, so it’s been more than a week since Americans have been allowed the great honor of registering for their mandatory healthcare INSURANCE; and surprise!!! What people are finding is exactly what they were warned they were gonna find.  An increase in costs and price, inefficiency in operation, and a lack of customer empathy due to no requirement to compete with others.  Basically, they get the Department Of Motor Vehicles working on their health.  But unlike the DMV, Obamacare literally… does not work.


Americans are finding that as expected, government can not (1) provide INSURANCE better, or cheaper than INSURANCE companies.  They are realizing that (2) Government cannot be competitive in an actual marketplace where competition is involved.  They are learning that (3) Politicians and Bureaucrats are not experts on INSURANCE or healthcare, but that this fact was not enough to stop them from creating a 2500 page law, which they did not read.  But government MANDATED chaos is not a new concept or process unique to Obamacare.

Mandated Chaos

Obamacare was mandated by Congress, and reaffirmed by the Supreme Court.  But the motivation to create it, is reminiscent of those who believed that the government could mandate that indentured servants could be turned into slaves by the courts.  Anthony Johnson, a black farmer, slprob3won a lawsuit against John Casor making a Black farm-owner the owner of the first American/colonial black “Indefinite” servant (slave) and this case was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in cases, such as, Dred Scott.  Prohibition was also similar in that it was mandated by Congress (Via Constitutional Amendment) and it allowed government to control the individual drinking habits of all Americans.  Even though Prohibition was a vast overreach, it was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court.  A large percentage of people were offended by the government’s new power encroachment until they decided that was enough and it all came undone.  Whether it’s telling people they cannot drink, telling people they must be slaves, or telling free people they must buy a product the government wants them to buy, turmoil will naturally occur as government tries to become king.  We’ll see if Obamacare has a differing outcome — Although, I already know the answer.

Many Americans are realizing that IF Government can’t run Amtrak in a marketplace where customers have a “choice”, that they can’t possibly hope to run a much more complex project unless they FORCE everyone into it by stripping away “choice”.  The thought of National Healthcare (in America) is so ridiculous, and the plan/law so ill-conceived that government can’t even build an online exchange after a 3-years head start and after spending 650 million bucks (even though it was projected at 95).  To make it worse, government felt it had to lie to the American people about how it would save them $2500 per year.  Government even shifted its justification (lied) to the Supreme Court in order to get them to support it as “A Tax“.

…And Then, There’s You

If you were one of the people who believed a politician (you know the one) when he told you that you were gonna save money if the government got involved in your healthcare INSURANCE; not only are you a fool, but you should definitely be FORCED to buy National Healthcare and be heavily penalized if you, specifically, do not purchase one of the plans off the exchanges.  After you have one of those expensive plans with extremely high deductibles, you can decide if you think it’ll ObamacareZombieswork best for you and your family.  Most importantly, you can decide if you think forcing people to buy INSURANCE off of ANY plan is what happens in a free country.

But on the bright side, this should be (yet) another lesson for you to learn that, Utopia is not for this world.  Just because you think something is a good idea, does not mean it can possibly work the way you think it should.  There are always unintended consequences (Think Prohibition).  Because you say that you want to help the helpless, the poor, or anyone else; does not mean you can.  Especially if the person you want to help, does not want your help.  Do you really feel that it is OK to FORCE people to accept your “assistance”? Are you really willing to put people in jail because they do not buy Health Insurance and/or want nothing to do with you?

If you were one of the silly people who wanted Obamacare, well, congratulations!  YOU are truly the ignorant amongst us, and you obviously did not read the law.  You have no one else to blame for the obvious calamity that will occur next.  This does not end well for free people.  The only people who get hurt worse than the “free people”, is the American government, that tries to enslave the free people.

Congratulations On Your Obamacare!  You Deserve It!

Kali Pinckney

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