— “Rush” A Movie By Ron Howard — My Quick Opinion

Ron Howard has created another powerhouse film.  This film is based upon the 1976 Formula One Championships.  If you’re not a fan (or familiar) with “F-1”, it involves rush Ronnumerous races where the drivers battle it out for points and the driver [and car manufacturer] who accumulates the most points at the end of the season is declared the Champion.  He is, in effect, the best “sports car” driver on the planet since F-1 is the pinnacle of ALL (sports car) racing classes.

The story here is based upon the highly efficient, motivated, and extremely exacting Austrian driver, Niki Lauda, and his inevitable rise through the season in his attempt to become the champion.  He battles his antithesis in James Hunt.  James Hunt is a sex fiend, heavy drinking, rock-star of a driver who smokes a bit of marijuana before each race.

The movie takes a dramatic turn when Niki Lauda (acted by Daniel Bruhl) suffers a crash and is hospitalized and misses a few races which allows James Hunt (acted by Chris Hemsworth) to nearly catch-up in the Championship points race.  In his accident, Lauda is seriously injured after being left in a burning car.  F1 in the 1970’s was notoriously dangerous, with 2 people dying per season [which is far better than the 1960’s, actually].  Lauda must endure pain, trauma, and recuperation but is motivated to get back into his car.HuntLaudaIt is like you are in the 70’s with the authentic clothing, and personalities.  The racecars are actually many of the same cars that raced in the era (including a Tyrrell P34).  The movie is beautifully shot, and if you think of any of Ron Howard’s other epic project’s, this one is THAT good… and better.  This story is true and Niki Lauda himself served as a consultant.  This fact brings the viewer even further into the happenings.  The acting is Amazing by all, and the viewer actually believes he has traveled back into the 1970’s.

Although, every F1 fan must see (and likely purchase the Blueray) it, Rush is not about Formula One.  It is about relationships and about how both of these drivers are in their own way, motivated by the other.  Because of their relationship, each is pushed to become better Pilots (racers).

Each driver must deal with his own obstacles and issues and I’m am not going to spoil it… and tell you who wins the season, but I will say that this movie is a must see.  I give Rush,  5 “Niki Lauda-Cars” out of 5.

5 lauda carsKali Pinckney


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