— An Open Letter To The Libertarian Party — ***Libertarians ONLY***

Dear Libertarian Party,

Here we are.  It’s September of 2013!  The world is coming undone (…I declare in an attempt to build drama).  The Republican Party is being led by people such as, McCain, Boehner, Graham, Mcconnel, and others who have Detroitdoneproven themselves to be Statists who openly strive for the same goals as the Democrat Party (those goals include more government, more taxes, and more power for themselves).  For anyone to suggest that there’s a difference between the current Republican Party “leadership” and the Democrat Party leadership seems laughable.  They may say different words, but outcomes of their actions is merely a matter of degree.  Given their proclivities, Democrats will destroy Individual Rights and turn the country into Detroit in a matter of decades, while the Republican Party (in its current form) will allow the country to fall into a Detroit-like state over a couple of generations through inaction and lack of aggressive opposition with the Democrats.

Currently, there are 10’s of Millions of ACTUAL Republican voters, fed up and angry, with the Republican party leadership.  They wonder why Republican leadership support attacking Syria.  They wonder why Republican leadership won’t fight against Obamacare.  Those angry people are Libertarians, Libertarian-leaning, Conservative, Conservative-leaning, Constitutionalists, Tea-Party members, and also a number of Independents.  They are looking for someone to stand up for what they believe in.  Universally, they want Small Government, Lower Taxes, Constitutional adherence, and most of all, they want government administrators who will do what they say they will do and be accountable when they do not… They have observed whilst politicians say that they will shrink government, lower taxes, and follow the Constitution.  They’ve also observed that none of those items are ever satisfactorily addressed.

Many of these citizens are exhausted with being forced to support organizations who do not seem to want them as part of their organizations.  Recall when John McCain called Republicans like Rand Paul (Libertarian-Republican), and Ted Cruz (Conservative-Republican) a bunch of “wacko-mccain wacko birdbirds”.  Does McCain sound like a public “servant” who wants to work with people of slightly differing perspectives, or does he sound like a person whom expects others to be just like him?  McCain and other Republican leadership seem to be annoyed with having to listen to vocal individuals who represent differing viewpoints.  The problem for many Libertarians, Conservatives, and Independents, however, is that they have much more in common to Republicans than they do to the Democrats so they must strategically vote Republican for fear of crazy Socialist, Democrat types becoming President (oops).

But now, Libertarian Party, Where are YOU?  You are the third largest political party in America, but, I want you to imagine a Libertarian Party that exceeds the numbers of Republicans.  That should be the Libertarian goal!  What are you, if you’re not interested in becoming the second largest Political Party?  If that is not your goal, please just come out and say it so someone else can accept the responsibility of dispatching the Republican Party just as the Republican party dispatched the Whig Party.  If you continue to sit on the sidelines, you will find that a new Coalition of Libertarian-leaners, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Independents, and former Republicans, will sprout up and find an organization that wants them and they will move on without you!  Stand up and let yourselves be heard.  Speak about how Libertarianism applies in the modern world and allow people to decide if they agree or disagree.

Example 1 — “Syria”

As an example from this past week’s news. SyrCivilWarExplain how Libertarianism applies in Syria?  Many Americans were angered that the President wanted to fire cruise missiles into Syria, but at the same time, many Americans were even more angry that the Republican Leadership supported the idea.  While the vast majority of Americans were viscerally disgusted with any suggestion of it, the Libertarian Party missed the opportunity to fire up the commercials explaining how both The President and the Republican Leadership were wrong and ask people to give The Libertarian Party a look.  This was one of those moments when viewpoints of the vast majority of Americans intersect with the Libertarian Party and those people probably didn’t even know it.  Yet, ANOTHER opportunity [or “teachable moment”] to display to all, how their beliefs coincide with Libertarian principles was squandered.

Example 2 — “Obamacare”

A second opportunity to provide a practical obamacare dmvlesson in libertarianism arrives just as some polls show that fewer and fewer Americans actually believe in Obamacare (Affordable Care Act).  They don’t believe it will be beneficial in their lives or successful as another government program.  “Most” Americans want nothing to do with Obamacare; and the Libertarian Party should be explaining loudly and clearly that forcing people to buy this product is the opposite of Freedom and Liberty.  Where are the anti-Obamacare commercials?  Where is the attempt to build a relationship with the majority of Americans who have something else in common with Libertarian values.  Gone is another opportunity to inform people that the Government is actually Seizing Individual rights and minimizing freedoms.

In Closing

You should be out there right now defining Libertarianism and explaining what Libertarians actually believe.  There is little doubt that once those beliefs are explained, many of those people who listen with an open mind, will find that Libertarian ideals are reasonable and preferable.  If you can’t do the explaining, defining, and planning yourself, hire someone who can!

Let’s face it; We Libertarians have a reputation that we are isolationists because we wouldn’t involve ourselves in the activities of others (just as your neighbor should not involve himself in your affairs).  We have a reputation that we are pro-drug, and that we are for any behavior so long as it doesn’t affect the rights of other.  It is up to us to explain that we are not “pro” or “for” anything except liberty, freedom, and individual rights.  We need to explain that we believe in the Constitution and that in the 10th Amendment; States (and the people who comprise them) must make decisions for themselves so long as they don’t harm the civil rights of others.  We need to explain who we are and how libertarianism applies practically in the real-world.

Now is the time to make “reason” the logical choice for Americans who find both political parties to be unreasonable!

Kali Pinckney


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