— The Three Best X-Files Episodes

Yes, I’m aging myself.  But it’s because I’ve just realized the X-Files is on Netflix.  Being the TV fanatic that I am, I thought I’d remind all of the semi-old timers about the best X-files episodes.  If you’re too young to remember the X-Files run on TV, this can also be your guide of must-see episodes.  Here’s my top 3 episodes.  They are all stand-alone episodes that do not require you to know the always-underlying theme and storyline of the overall TV series.

— 3)  The Episode With The Hackers

This is an amazing episode.  Kill Switch is from Season 5, Episode 11.  It starts out with a hacker in a quiet diner in the middle of the night Kill Switchhacking away, when various shady individuals begin to arrive.  They all have seats around the diner.  In comes the spark and the bar erupts and the hacker is killed.  The rest of the episode is about finding why he was killed and by whom.  You learn that he was a serious computer programmer and he helped create some seriously powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Enroute, you unravel a story that while common in 2013… was NOT common when this episode first hit the airwaves (because TV was not all digital back then).  Hint… It involves a crazy computer trying to kill people and some idealistic humans trying to upload themselves into the Internet.  This is also, probably the first time many Youngins will hear the song, Twilight Time.

— 2)  The Episode With The Men-In-Black

This is actually a two-part episode [Dreamland #1 and Dreamland #2].  Season 6, Episodes 4 & 5, tell the story of a possible spy working around a Top Secret facility.    Pilot In The RockThe first part of this series starts at Area 51 (Groom Lake) when an Air Force test craft flies above Moulder and somehow, he and the Man-In-Black who has just confronted him, switch bodies.  Basically, the craft uses alien technology and causes a warp in time in which two differing entities can occupy the same time and space (yea! that doesn’t look good when I type it).  But the warp wraps two people together, it mixes others in rocks.  And Agent Moulder has to live with his new circumstances.  He’s got to adjust to, not only, Morris Fletcher’s, body, but his life, his unpleasant wife, and his annoying kids.  On the flip side, however, he is a Man-In-Black.  The end of episode one ends with him arrested [and you wanting more].

Part 2 takes up with Moulder in jail, and MIB Fletcher thoroughly enjoying Moulder’s life.  He’s getting laid while in Moulders body (which is kind of a distasteful thought).  He’s not around his wife and kids Fox Mulder Morris Fletcherand he’s doing what he must do to keep it that way. He’s turned into a great “company man” and doing everything Moulder’s Supervisor expects.  He ends up getting Agent Skully in trouble by telling her boss that she is back in Nevada (where she was told not to be).  Skully finally gets the idea that something is wrong.  She goes back to Nevada makes contact with the MIB agent that she believes to somehow be Moulder now.  Well, mayhem ensures.  And… I’m not going to ruin the rest of it for you.

— 1)  The Episode With The Smoking Man

This is what I consider to be the very best Cancer man and deep throatX-Files episode EVER!  Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man is the 7th episode of Season 4.  It tells the story about ‘Smoking Man.  He is a character who is prominent in the show from start to finish.  He is a cool character and always seems to get his way in the end.  In this episode, you get his background.  You see how he got recruited into the Man-In-Black business and you learn that he was involved with some of the most pivotal points in American History, including John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Martin Luther King Jr’s. assassination, the fall of the Soviet Union, and even the killing of one of the first live aliens.  Smoking man is one bad Mofo, and this episode is so well weaved together that it is ridiculous. Besides, this episode also has a cameo of The Lone Gunmen.  If you were paying attention, they received their own spin-off, that I recall lasted about 8 episodes before it disappeared.

These are just three episodes, but what makes them impressive is that each of these episodes tells a story the old fashion way; With great writing and impressive cinematography.  They were filmed like movies and wrapped into 45 minute episodes.  The acting on the X-Files was always spot-on.  Check them out.

Kali Pinckney


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