— Gatsby — A Quick (And Vague) Review

As per my Review-Writing style, I’m going to be vague because I don’t dare tell you how the story goes.

Great-Gatsby-Leonardo-DiCaprio-Movie-PosterBased on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby is Baz Luhrman’s take on The Great Gatsby.  Now if you liked Moulin Rouge (which I do), you’ll find the mix of filmed footage, footage from the 20’s, and any number of high-tech, digital imagery and effects great.

It comes out in a product that is amazingly filmed and beautifully adapted.  The period outfits are perfect as far as I can see; granted, there is more vibrant color used than I would image was used during the actual 20’S.  This has become a hallmark of Baz Luhrman’s style and should be expected.  And it just works.  Being the Roaring 20’s, you’ll no doubt see a bunch of people dancing The Charleston and The Foxtrot.  And they actually make it look cool.  The Speakeasy scenes make one want to be in the 20’s drinking some of that most-likely tainted alcohol, but still having fun.

As a sidenote, Gatsby drives a Duesenburg (which was an amazing car, even today).  But they didn’t even think about using a fake one.  They used a real, actual 1929 Model J which adds a bit of car cred to the movie.

Obviously, It wouldn’t be Baz Luhrmans movie, if it didn’t have an eclectic mix of music and Gatsby is no different.  You know its gonna be crazy when the movie opens to some modern rap music.  But don’t fret… This is only as an homage to one of the movie’s Producers, Jaz Z.  It does have an interesting mix of modern, Covers, and 1920’s music.  And, shockingly, it all seems to fit.

Admittedly, I’ve never made it through the book (despite the fact, I was supposed to have read it in High School) so I don’t recall how much it deviates from the book!  But I don’t care.  It is a good movie.  You learn how he gets money.  You go through the process of learning how Gatsby thinks and becomes Gatsby.  You get the impression that his love interest will be his downfall and you just go along for the ride.

The acting of Tobey McGuire and Leonardo Di Capri is without fault, as expected.  I’m not going to waste time, but I will say this… I did not see a speck of over-acting or unbelievable reactions by any actors in this film.  All of the acting was great…

In The End

Is this movie as “new”, or groundbreaking as Moulin Rouge.  No!  But it is definitely a must see movie for the film must of discriminating tastes… But!!!

Don’t watch it on TV… Go Buy It On Blue-ray disk.  I believe it just might be a tragedy to NOT see it in the most beautiful method available.  I will pick it up for sure and not doubt, watch it 1 or 2 times per year for the next 7 years or so.  Just go buy it!

Kali Pinckney


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