— Who Cares About An Obama Rodeo Clown??

I am having a hard time with the idea that some Obama at the RodeoAmericans are having an issue with the fact that Obama was used as a prop in a Rodeo.  Who gives a crap?  REaLLy?  I thought we lived in a free country and had a freedom of speech?  Instead, we have to hear some idiots calling it racist? What happens next?  The rodeo clowns have to go to sensitivity training!  I thought Cowboys were tough; but then they accept the premise that they need training (or re-education)?  Their answer should’ve been to tell the whiners to mind their own business and remind them of Freedom Of Speech.  Instead, they fold like t-shirts in a Chinese Laundry (can we still say that in America?).  The NAACP says the Secret Service and Department Of Justice should investigate?

Who cares? Are we living in crazy-town? This is absolute Madness?

Obama is not a King or a Dictator (presumably).  What the Idiots are saying regarding this non-issue, is what people would say in North Korea, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or anywhere a dictator feels that he can make a law regarding how he is to be addressed (think, Gaddafi or Saddam).  THE DIFFERENCE HERE, is that it’s not the person in-charge dictating how people are to address him.  It’s the “followers”.  It’s the people who “believe in” Obama that are being ridiculous.  They believe it is racist to wear an Obama mask. Wouldn’t it be funny if Obama wore an Obama mask?  Oh wait:

ObamaObama mask

They believe it is racist and apparently, “just like” wearing blackface (according to an idiotic commentator on a particular cable news network with an “N” in its name).  I guess that now-a-days we can’t distinguish the difference between blackface and a mask of a black person.  It cannot be the fact that it is the mask… because every President has had a mask made of him (with the exception of Martin Van Buren or John Tyler, probably).

via FreeRepublic.com

All of this is akin to a cult. Most dangerously, some are willing to remove other people’s Freedom Of Speech because they are so short-sighted that they cannot envision what would happen if the previous (or next) President were to be treated the same as they believe Obama should be treated.  If we are seriously having this debate, it should be made 100% clear that no President is a god, demigod, or is in anyway sacred.  He is worthy of no more respect than that of the Chief Executive of the US Government (which is all he is).  He is not [supposed] to be a King!  He is not [supposed] to be a Cult-leader.

I don’t care if people burn an Obama Clown, or Death-of-a-Presidenthang an Obama effigy (even if it is tasteless to burn or hang ANYONE in effigy) If people want to feed an Obama dummy made of pork to the pigs (which is offensive when you think about feeding pork to pigs!)…. I just don’t care!  It may be in poor taste, but last I knew, it was not a crime to have bad taste.  It literally hurts no one and so long as it is not a direct threat of violence have at it!!! But don’t be a flaming hypocrite!  I mean; few of the people who are currently complaining about an Obama Rodeo clown were repulsed by the idea of an entire movie dedicated to killing Bush!

Freedom Of Speech;  Live It and Use It, or Lose It!

Kali Pinckney


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