— Obamacare=Prohibition & Prohibition=Obamacare

A long, long time ago in America, some silly, but well-intentioned people decided that they wanted to force EVERYONE in America to stop drinking alcohol.  They made a big stink prohibition peopleand they used politicians, and they manipulated the public into believing that alcohol was the root of all evil.  ‘That if not for “Fire Water” (I love that term), there would be no murders, spousal abuse, ‘nudy bars, or drunken horseback riding… Some towns even went so far as to  sell their jailhouses as the country went dry because they didn’t think they’d need them anymore.  Basically, those silly people thought that banning alcohol would be the end of crime.  Were they right?  Nope!  Not At All!  They failed to understand what everyone who thinks they can control other fails to understand.  That Human Nature WILL apply and humans WILL rebel for the sake of rebellion in order to get free.

Government And Force

Prohibitionists thought they could Force people to stop drinking by utilizing the strong-hand of government since they could not convince anyone to stop drinking without applying force.  They felt that if they could apply laws and legal penalties to those who would break the law, they would scare people into NOT partaking in alcohol.  They actually believed that they could take away people’s freedoms and choice in order to save society from their perceived evils.

The scary thing is, however, that although the reasons why those who want to FORCE everyone to stop drinking and those who want to FORCE everyone to have healthcare may differ, their willingness to use force against people who want nothing to do with them IS THE SAME!  It is dangerous because it allows those in power, to think that they can control others.  When they recognize that they can control people, they ALWAYS end up using MORE force in order to achieve their goals.  Unfortunately, they will have to use ever increasing amounts of force until human nature takes over […and human nature inevitably ends with violence].

Obamacare Proponents similarly believe they can force people into buying healthcare “Insurance” by emphatically using government and applying penalties if people do not comply.  They are willing to take away the freedoms of others merely because they believe they know what’s best for everyone and for society [THE SAME AS THE PROHIBITIONISTS DID].

Unintended Consequences

Prohibitionists believed that banning alcohol would have NO Unintended Consequences.  They felt that only good could happen when you ban alcohol.  They believed that because alcohol was so evil, that everyone would accept the new laws [once they sobered up].  The Prohibitionists also believed that it didn’t matter what those who did not want prohibition believed because the argument was over, and they won (as some feel regarding Obamacare).  They thought there would always be Prohibition since it became law!

But what they chose not to accept was that there would be unintended consequences of their actions that would lead the country down a path toward illegal alcohol consumption.  After initial implementation, naturally, Alcohol consumption was down due to lack of supply, but months later, it was back up.  People arrested and in jail for Alcohol was up.  Murders related to Alcohol were up.  There were hundreds of thousands of illegal bars (Speakeasies) in the moonshineUnited States; with an estimated 30,000 in NY alone.  Illegal alcohol manufacture of Bathtub Gin, Wood Alcohol, and cases of antifreeze in Alcohol led to blindness and death for many unlucky drinkers brought about due to the lack of regulation.  Thousands of jobs were lost.  Illegal alcohol led to police corruption. Organized crime families/organizations took over the alcohol market.  Infamous mobsters such as Al Capone rose to power.  Prohibition led to automotive smuggling/bootlegging and high-speed auto chases throughout the country (which led to NASCAR actually). Rum-Runners took to the waterways with the sole purpose of going faster than the US government and military boats in order to supply the massive, ever-growing, unstoppable, alcohol black market.  And to top it all off, Corner bootleggersGovernment took in less taxes and had to spend more money to fight alcohol use [instead of Alcohol “Abuse”].

To fight Prohibition, police had to use guns (oooh) to stop people from selling, drinking, and manufacturing alcohol.  But what they didn’t expect, was for people to start using guns back against police; and politicians; and revenuers (tax collectors).  Government single-handedly made itself the boss of people who didn’t think government should tell them how to behave.  People across the country learned to disregard the government just as a teenager disregards her parents.

…And Here We Go Again, With Obamacare

When it’s all said and done, Prohibition stood a better chance of surviving than does Obamacare.  Prohibition only involved people who were interested in drinking, while Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) forces EVERY individual and EVERY business to be involved.

Whether it’s in 2 years or 10 years, Obamacare WILL fail (Prohibition lasted 13 years, 8 months).  The only question is:  how much ass-pain and drama will be inflicted before government realizes that if someone chooses not to be involved, government will have to spend time, money, and effort to MAKE them be involved.  They will learn (again), that unintended consequences cannot be controlled and threats only work for so long.  They will learn that even if government thinks it can force all 300 Million Americans onto a government plan, that government cannot run such a plan.  It cannot even control illegal immigration, the Department of Veterans Affairs, AMTRAC, or Social Security (ALL of which involve a fraction of 300 million people Obamacare must cover).

To enforce Obamacare, government will be required to use taxation and the IRS as weapons.  prohibition murdersNeither are popular, and many Americans, in fact, are downright hostile towards the IRS, to the point that when an IRS building is targeted for violence, many silently cheer.  But again, Government will have to use guns against people when they begin arresting them for ignoring or owing money due to Obamacare.  And the moment, one person shoots a policeman or IRS Employee (Revenuer) attempting to arrest him for an Obamacare violation, others will follow suit and use guns against other government employees as well.  Eventually, a Politician will get shot and only then will other politicians feel that they are in danger and cease their support of Obamacare for fear of their own safety (as in Prohibition).  And Obamacare WILL crumble.  After the realization by government that Obamacare cannot work and when the government finally accepts that AMERICANS DO NOT WANT IT, it WILL BE repealed.   Consistent with history; that is how the “Affordable Care Act” ends!

If Government couldn’t win the war for Prohibition, what chance does it have in the war for EVERYONE’s healthcare?

Kali Pinckney

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