— The Lady With The Ear Maggots? — Freaks Me Out!!!

I just happened to catch a story about a British lady who went to Peru on a vacation and it has me all kinds of itchy [don’t watch the video]While this lady and her boyfriend visited Peru, she went sightseeing and did all the standard tourist-y stuff.  Great trip right?  WRONG!  As she was on the plane heading back home.  She apparently started getting crazy headaches and had some serious face-pain (which I’ve never heard about this side of a punch to the pumpkin).  Worst off, she felt scratching in her head.  Well, when she got home, she was still in pain and went to the docs and the docs told her that, well, apparently she had Ear Maggots!!!

Click The Image For The Actual Story

The maggots are from the New World Army Screw Worm Fly, or Cochliomyia hominivorax.  They are to be avoided at all costs, or they’ll lay eggs in your bodily holes, such as your ears.  The maggots are carnivorous and thankfully, have been eradicated from the US but are still somewhat common around the world (where flies can live). But these babies were eating their way through her head and could’ve done some serious damage or caused death upon eating her brains (ok, they would’ve just caused meningitis, but still..).  If you’re like me, this is kind of a bummer because, Machu Picchu is on my Bucket List.

Yes, Ear Maggots! One more thing you have to fear along with Dingos, Killer Bees, and Honey Badgers.

Kali Pinckney


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