— The Best “Flo” (Progressive) Commercials — The Top-2

Now, I’m not into Progressive as an company [and I’m not getting paid by FLO-FROM-PROGRESSIVEthem], but I have to give them some serious props on their Insurance commercials.  No, they’re not the commercials with those Geico Cavemen!  They’re not like the ones from Allstate with Dennis Haysbert (The Man BTW)!  No, They’re the ones with that lady named, “Flo”.

Yes, I remember the first Flo Commercials I saw and, just like everyone else, I thought they were kinda dumb.  But you know what, she’s since grown on me and I’m starting to see the humor in all of the commercials.  They are cheap to make, subtly funny, and well written…. if you watch the entirety of the individual commercials.  And they’ve become cult-classics.

Here’s My Top-2 Favorites:


It’s the one where the dude has the “European Shoulder Bag”.



It’s the one where Flo is on her boat and all the boat names are Flo-related.

Yes, kinda dumb, a total waste of time, but still kinda makes you smile.

Kali Pinckney


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