— Rihanna — Stay (Musical Perfection)


Alright,  I’ve never really been a Rihanna fan.  I think it’s been because I don’t really want to know what anyone else does in their personal lives and I got way caught up in all of her drama with Chris Brown.  Nothing personal, I just don’t dig other people’s personal business being thrust upon me.

BUT!!!!  Then I heard her song, Stay.  And when I heard it a couple months back, it made me realize that she’s more than just a pop singer whose music gets turned into dance music (which after living in Europe I actually love BTW).  But she took a basic song and just delivers it in a calm, yet dramatic and touching way.  Although the video is kinda, Blah (non-creative), the song takes you on a journey.

Since I first heard it, I’ve found myself longing to hear it again and again and I thought I’d make it official and write a note espousing my love.  This song is perfection and will make me pay attention to her singing skills in the future.

Kali Pinckney


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