— The Purge — It Seems Sick… And YEESSSS I’m Gonna See It!


Now, seemingly out of nowhere, a new movie is hitting the scenes.  It’s set in a future America that has low crime, low unemployment, and everyone seems to be doing pretty well…. But there’s one catch!  One night a year, mayhem ensues.  Nothing is illegal and people run around stealing, beating, murdering, slaughtering and such.  The purpose is that people take out all of their frustration and anger and prepare for the next year, while, no one tries to stop it.  Those who are not fit to survive don’t survive and it’s all called, a Purge.

Now, this concept seems pretty horrific… until you think about it a bit.  What would you do if you could do anything and not be charged for it.  I’m guessing there’d be a bunch of murdered bosses.  BUT, after about two Purge Season’s, bosses might learn to be more respectful. Right???

Similarly, Politicians and Police would be more cautious the rest of the year to ensure people didn’t start planning their demise 8 or 9 months before Purge night.

Would it work in real life.  Probably not!  One thing is certain… The people with the guns would stand a better chance of survival in cases where society falters.  The lesson of the movie; Buy guns and ammo (which is coincidentally, the same message from Night Of The Living Dead).

Kali Pinckney


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