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Alright, I got home the other day, checked the mail and I had this letter from CPS Energy (a Texas Utility Company) referring to the new Smart Grid initiative program called Home Manager.  Just take a moment to read the letter.  And tell me if something about it spooks you?


smartgrid“CPS Energy Customer,

According to our records, your home may qualify for our Home Manager program.  Home Manager is the FREE (they actually spelled it in all CAPS) energy management system from CPS Energy.  Home Manager allows you to monitor and control your energy use from anywhere you have an internet connection.  This advanced technology comes with a digital thermostat that can control your air conditioner as well as an online portal where you can program your air conditioner, water heater, or even pool pump to run only how and when you need them.  The end result is you save up to 10% on your heating and cooling costs.  You also have the ability to monitor your use and see exactly how your home uses energy.

The system is absolutely FREE (yep, all CAPS again).  All you have to do is visit www.cpsenergy.com/homemanager (I changed the link to something more appropriate) and sign up.  Be sure to use the Promotional code LTRG1 when you sign up.  If you have any questions, call”, yada yada yada…..


Now, let’s look at this for a moment.  If you get this service, you are a fool!  Seeing how government pushes around Energy Companies and other private enterprises, why would you voluntarily give up ANY control of your home power meter that you currently have?  Obviously, we’d all love to save money, but at the cost of your own freedom and responsibility??? If you get this system and you can monitor and control your usage, SO CAN THE PEOPLE WHO MONITOR AND CONTROL YOUR ACCOUNT.   Why make it easier for them.  If you can control your power usage from outside of your house (which is pretty cool), how long will it be before power company decides it needs to adjust your power because you’re using too much of it — despite the fact that you pay your bills?  And rest assured when this meter is on your house, it is NOT coming off.

I don’t need to tell you that; nothing comes for free — even if “free” is spelled out in all capital letters.  If you want this capability, the hardware is out there to do this very thing on your own [example], but why would you want a public utility to operate it “with” you.  Even Obama is a proponent, and we all know how well Obamacare is going to work for people who don’t want it.  Imagine coming home and finding that you Air conditioning, water heater, or swimming pool (if you’re lucky enough to have one) settings have been altered or adjusted.  I flip-out when people who live in my house mess with the settings.  If the government or power company was doing it… I would go ballistic. But it gets worse:

1) How long will it be before the government mandates this technology [because it can save energy and lead to the United States being energy independent within X-number of years] on all new homes?

2) How long will it be before government starts fining people for using more energy than they “need” to [despite the fact that they pay for their energy]?

How long will it be before governments, or energy/utility companies FORCE you to submit to the Smart Grid technologies? Well, that’s already going on right now; and they are harassing CUSTOMERS who do not want it.  Is government really willing to threaten and fight people merely because they want to save the customers money??? Do you actually believe that?  If it’s so good (like Obamacare), why do you have to FORCE people to use it?  One thing is certain.  Whenever government is intent on saving individuals money, you should wonder why… and then watch your wallet.

Off The Grid

The goal of many people is to be “Off the Grid”.  “Off-the-grid”, does not MERELY mean that you have your own power sources and are completely disconnected from the commercial power grid.  It also may mean that you are off the network of control that arises because of your need for power.  If you are not at the control of a utility company, then you are more free than someone who is.  Now, Smart Grid, is the opposite of self-sufficiency.  It leaves you reliant for power AND leaves your home subject to the monitoring and the control of others.  Do you want to live like this? or do you want to Live Free!?!?

Kali Pinckney


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