— Journey Documentary — Don’t Stop Believ’in – Everyman’s Journey

Alright, I FINALLY got around to watching the documentary on the band Journey, fittingly entitled, Don’t Stop Believ’in – Everyman’s Journey, and yea:

You should check it out!  Everyone who in any way likes “American Music” (if there were such a thing), knows Journey and finds themselves softly singing most Journey songs under their breath when journey_bandthey hear them.  This documentary is well worth watching, even if you’re not a documentary kinda person.  Why would anyone make a Journey documentary you ask?  Well check this out…

The story starts with a singer losing his voice and the band without a Lead Singer.  They had to find another one prior to starting out on a tour.  Now, as every band who has been around since the early 70’s will tell you; the crowd knows the songs a certain way and they want to hear them exactly that way.  This leads to Journey’s problem.  They had to find someone who had the insane vocal range that Journey Songs require (which is why everyone murders Journey whilst partaking in Karaoke).  After searching everywhere, they resorted to Youtube and ended up on a video by one Arnel Pineda (check him out).  He was poor, living in the Philippines, and about to give up on singing until he received one email that would change his life!  He barely knew English, he was short, not very “rock-ee”, but he has the amazing chops to sing the songs.

Watch the story and enjoy his rise from audition to world tour.  He’s an interesting character, a survivor (of life), and he’s a brilliant singer.  He’s given Journey, yet another, lease on life in the music industry by bringing millions of Phil’s (people from the Philippines) into the Journey fold.  He’s also bringing many of the faithful fans back into the stadiums.

If I had to rate it, It would be a 10-out-of-10, 2 Thumbs up, or 5-Star.. Whichever you please.  It is inspirational and it’ll make you a better person for having seen it; and that should be the true measure of any great documentary.  This documentary is available via Cable On-Demand, it’s also on Amazon, and it’s also on Youtube for you to rent.  Go make yourself a better person while listening to some of Journey’s music.  Go watch Don’t Stop Believ’in right now.  Go!

Kali Pinckney


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