— Why Liberals Are Afraid Of Black Conservatives — Great Read


Now, I don’t consider myself a “Conservative” personally, however, I understand and trust Conservatives because I don’t believe that they are for a larger, more centralized government [as Liberals have proven themselves to be].  I do believe that most Conservatives… are Libertarian by nature, but that is probably just my hope.

Wayne Dupree addresses some of the questions that many of us who recognize the history of the current political parties have always asked, yet he does it in a very effective and succinct way.  If you want to read a great article.  Check it out:


What did you think?  Yep, I give him credit for being direct as well.  There’s no doubt, he’ll take some heat for it, but… Those attacks will likely NOT be based on the article, but how people perceive (or attack) him personally.  Yes!  That is one of those Liberal things they always seem to do.

Kali Pinckney

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