— Remember Those Older Ladies The LAPD Shot Up

Remember those older ladies (47 and lapdshot up71 years old, respectively) who were shot up by the Los Angeles Police Department in Torrance, Ca during the Christopher Dorner manhunt… Despite the fact that they were in a different make/model truck; and also a different color truck?

Well, quietly it looks as though LAPD and the City Of Los Angeles are going to try and pay them off with $4.2 Million.  Each one will get $2.1 Million smackeroos!  This goes along with a separate deal in which the newspaper delivery women received $40,000 to pay for their truck.  But this note is not about the ladies.   They deserve this money; but what about the Officers that shot at two innocent women?

What would justify shooting at two older ladies who were not involved.  It actually means that these police officers DID NOT see, or identify who they were shooting at the time they opened fire.  It means they got behind the vehicle.  Put themselves in position, and opened fire with no threat against themselves.  They DID NOT see a gun, they DID NOT hear a gun, and they DID NOT see Christopher Dorner.  They just opened fire on some innocent people who did nothing wrong.  This could’ve been a tragedy.

Well, fortunately, legal action has been taken against the officers…. NOPE! THE POLICE OFFICERS INVOLVED ARE STILL ON DESK DUTY.  Even in a clear cut situation where THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY WRONG, they are not fired.  The police union is too strong and you cannot apparently fire anyone for making mistakes this bad.  No responsibility at all.

This means, the Police can make horrendous mistakes and not face immediate ramifications.  This means Police are above the law, until their case is reviewed (by the shot up by LAPDpolice), and determined that they are guilty.  I understand that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, however, how does that apply to the police in this case, when they opened fire with deadly force on innocent citizens, whom should’ve been innocent, until proven guilty.  These Officers should be FIRED.  If their case proved their actions to be justified usage of force, they can be reinstated (even perhaps with back-pay).  They were obviously attempting to KILL anyone in the vehicle.  Luckily, that did not happen.

This should scare ALL of us who are NOT police.  They shot over 35 rounds into a car, and did not hear anything back except screaming.  It is understandable that they would be scared and nervous, but that does not justify their actions.  Even a Military Policeman in a War Zone would be punished more harshly than these Police on the streets of an American City.

Kali Pinckney


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