— Name The Country Built On — Genocide And Slavery

I happened to see this on the internet the other day.  It is one of those items passed around by those who seem to want to ignore the entirety of history and limit themselves by castigating (is that a word?) the US.

Part of the reason we, in the US, attack our own history… is because we have been far better at remembering and recording our history than countries of the past.  And obviously, in previous years, decades, centuries, other countries slaughtered their opposition or anygenocideandrace inhabitants they did not like and created countries through monarchy and didn’t even attempt to incorporate those who lived on the land they were taking.  And as the old saying goes,  History is written by the victors. But lets look a tad deeper.  Let me name some of the countries built on “slavery”, “genocide”, and/or “colonization”:

Greece, Azerbaijan, Rome/Italy, Panama, Romania, Persia, Assyria, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Germany, Israel, China, Russia, Japan (yep), Brazil, Ireland, Mongolia, Angola, Portugal, France, The Soviet Union, England, Ottoman Empire, Mexico, Congo, Spain, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Bahamas, Australia, South Africa….

You know what? This is a waste of time, because EVERY country on the planet [except Canada and New Zealand pretty much] has a history of slavery and/or genocide.  There are NO countries that are immune.  No country currently on the planet, started out with one people who currently live in that country, whether it be in South America, Asia, Africa, or Europe.  There are no pure societies; not even in the remotest of the Pacific Islands are societies spared.  Countries and populations have always shifted, they have always fought for resources, and they have always attempted to conquer other peoples, clans, populations, or countries.  Men/fighters were always slaughtered, and women always taken as captives.  Some men were spared and turned in to servants or slaves.  It is the way it has ALWAYS been.  Egypt utilized slaves to build every single Pyramid (whom were the poor and “darker” Africans).  The Roman Empire conquered the known world.  Turkey (and the Ottoman Empire) had slaves and also committed genocide (several times).  Greece had slavery (for the wealthy).  The Chinese built the Great Wall with a large number of slaves, for hundreds of years.  The Mayan’s took slaves and killed entire populations.  Sucks, Perhaps… But ignoring the realities of history doesn’t make it NOT so?!

…Sure, the story of the American Indian and Slavery in America will always be a scar on America’s history, but you must accept that every culture, people, or country have their scars as well.  One scar for Africans could also be, that it was Africans who sold other Africans into slavery — after they had already captured them, thus initially making them slaves.   The American Indians were attacked and had their property taken from them for sure, and that no doubt sucks, however, it cannot be forgotten that the indigenous people on EVERY continent have either been forced to adapt, or not!  But no countries currently on the earth were born from peace, flowers, sharing, and happiness.

In The End… No one is “owed” anything in life!  I find it fascinating that people who [presumably] believe in Evolution and The-Survival-Of-The-Fittest (yes, I’m stereotyping those who would agree with the above picture), believe it must be different for any group of humans.  The idea that life has been “unfair” to any group… is ridiculous on its face.  All Life Is Struggle and we Adapt or we Die.  Those are the only options.  Sure, no one likes to see people displaced.  And no one likes to see the Oryx Gazella‘s get caught and torn to shreds by the Hyenas, but… proportion and context mean something…

Remember The Past, Learn Your History, Live In Your Present, and Prepare For The Future. (nice)

Kali Pinckney

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  1. komradtombstone says:

    While you’re at it, you can also say that the US was built on treason against it’s lawful King!

  2. Kali says:

    Yes, You are correct.. New Zealand has had problems/issues with the Maori people, who were there before the Caucasians. But I wasn’t aware if you would be correct in saying that there was “Genocide”.

  3. birmaji says:

    The ones you mentioned were ancient civilizations and kingdoms not modern day nations. They were not based on race and most of them were not genocide they were war and the slaves were spoils of war. Almost all of the slavery you mentioned were not racially based, the slaves you mentioned are spared soldiers or the poor who were in debt. But in the US It was on a far more larger scale and all the genocides you claim to have happend can’t compare to what has happend to the entire Native American race. Entire tribes are extinct with only a few remaining in poverty in reservation camps. Unlike most ancient slave owning societies in history, where a slave can earn or purchase freedom, the slavery in the us was based on race and it was common thought that slaves were naturally inferior. There are huge differences and the US is a Nation that is found upon genocide and built on slavery and greed.

    1. Kali says:

      OK, you believe that the US was founded worse than EVERY country throughout the history of humanity…. With no facts!

      The US single-handedly killed off tribes and NO other country ever did that. America is the only country that ever had slaves based upon race (according to you). Not that it matters to you that countries/states/nations only had the ability to conquer those within their range, and that kinda limited the races they had access to.

      But hey, you know it all!

      1. birmaji says:

        The discussion wasn’t wether the US was founded worse than every other country, even though it probably is. I do not know about every country throughout the history of humanity. I doubt you do too. But I say again the slaves of the us were not conquered people or it wasn’t an act of war. One race motivated by greed decided it was superior than the other and enslaved that race for its own purposes(free labor). With out the free labor of the millions of slaves the US would never be where it is today. And yes since the Americas were discovered whole tribes were extinct: the first tribe columbus encountered the Timicua, the Yahi from california and the Yana are all gone. Even the ‘trail of tears’ is an act of genocide. By the 1890s only 250,000 Native Americans were alive from the millions that lived in the US before columbus. That is why the US is a nation found upon genocide and built on slavery.

        If you actually read it and not get overly defensive you would see what is staring you in the face.

      2. Kali says:

        It’s all good! I’m not “overly defensive”. I think you’re absolutely wrong and YOU don’t like it and you feel the need to keep explaining what you mean. Great! You think that America was founded worse than every other country and you even felt the need to say “even though it probably is”. OK. America is more evil than every other country in your mind. Great!

        But let me give you a lesson in American Slavery because I read right where you noted that we had slavery BECAUSE, “One race motivated by greed decided it was superior than the other and enslaved it….” American Slavery began as Indentured Servitude where all Servants were allowed to pay off there bonds and were freed. The first case of “Slavery” in Colonial America was based on a court case in which a court determined an individual named, John Casor (who was black), lost a court case and became an Indefinite Servant to a Land owner, named Anthony Johnson (Who was also black). Obviously, that set the future slavery and slave trade in a new direction. You seem to be comfortable leaving off parts of history and I’m not sure if that it’s because you don’t know that history… or you merely choose not to accept it as it occurred in reality. If I may ask, are you American? Or are you really young? [No Offense Intended btw]

        Although you speak of an America where tribes were killed off. Yes, that is correct. That has always happened. It is Survival of the fittest (as I’ve noted in the original post I wrote). Hell, you’re speaking of the 250,000 Native Americans left after millions were killed in acts of “Genocide”. I don’t know WHERE the hell you got those numbers because there was no census, but lets say you were correct (even though you are NOT correct). Why would that make America worse (when we were founded) than other countries as they were founded when they did the same and worse. Is it safe to assume, that because you don’t know what they did…. that we must be worse??? YOU WERE’NT THERE. Think about the 500,000 people killed in 100 days in the Rwanda genocide in “1994”? Did Americas founders do anything like that?

        The point of my original post stands and it was about PERSPECTIVE and the one picture I posted. You’re looking way too deep into it in an attempt to be “right”. Neither one of us were there and neither one of us is going to win this argument. But we should have some perspective, yes?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Lol, Africans were responsible for their own enslavement in the first place. African tribes would capture their enemies who were rival tribes, and enslave them. They eventually sold them to Europeans who in turn transferred them to the Americas. I have no idea where you got the idea that Columbus encountered California natives. His first encounters with them were in the Caribbean. And if you think only the US had a hand in slavery and conquering natives, you’re wrong. The entire Americas has that same history. Hell, even in Mexico, the mestizos see themselves as better than pure natives.

  4. Jayy says:

    Like you said, “nations only had the ability to conquer those within their range, and that kind of limited the races they had access to” is definitely true. But not having been native or any other race other than “white colored”… would these races had been killed or enslaved also? I believe so, for even Asians and other races from other foreign countries suffered from racism upon arriving to the U.S. because they weren’t your typical white looking being. What I’m trying to say is that… no matter what race it was, it was seeing as inferior to the “whites”….to their belief that only a chosen few were given “Godly rights” to rule the world? Really??? how dumb is that. From suppose ably being Christian and that God created everyone equally, they contradict themselves. Therefore this country was built upon the genocide of one race and the enslavement of another. Wasn’t manifest destiny the belief that the United States not only could, but was destined to, stretch from coast to coast? Yet had to almost exterminate the Indians along their way. Having been the complying and generous people that Natives/Indians were, this country could have probably still been created without having to kill them.

    1. Kali says:

      Yea.. Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve. “this country could have probably still been created without having to kill them.” That statement says it all. But Utopia is not for this world. China could’ve (would’ve, Should’ve) been what it is today if the Mongols didn’t “unify”all the states/countries through some seriously heinous violence, genocide, and violence… perhaps. The United Kingdom conquered, enslaved, and colonized the “known” world to the point that “The sun never set on the British empire”. But all of these arguments matter not. Nothing is guaranteed in life and no one is guaranteed anything in life. The Indians weren’t the “fittest” in the battle of the “survival of the fittest”. Sucks but what do you want?

      1. Sarah says:

        you dumb bastard. the white man has given blacks a standard of living they could NEVER DREAM OF. blacks in america have it better here than they have in any other country in all of recorded history. and the jews took you as slaves you dumb ass. stop blaming all of your problems on whitey and say thank you. I dont have the time to explain the native indian situation but you’ll find that you are also completly wrong about that aswell.

      2. Kali says:

        It’s like she didn’t even read what was written…. Everything she said was the point of the article… That’s our educational system people!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just so you know Canada has committed one of the biggest Genocides on the First Nations peoples who were the native people of all of North America. Ya… so.

    1. Kali says:

      Jeez, I didn’t know that. I’ll have to do some research on Canada now!

  6. Timmy says:

    What’s your logic? Every one does it,so we should too. All through out history there ahs beer rape murder ect. But you know what? Not me…… Still not okay im my book. If your no part the sallution, your part of the problem

  7. Anonymous says:

    Trying to teach history to a person that refuses to learn is a monumental task. I for one read a history book and have the ability to comprehend what I read with logical thought. I to saw this picture of the native and the black man get posted on facebook, and I to had the same response you did. Not a country or nation in the world that has not committed some form of slavery and genocide. There is only one country in recent history though that protects against it, the USA.

    1. Kali says:

      Well said by the way!

  8. Brilliant post! I saw the same image and knew it was incorrect, but did not have all of the stats available for recall — so I started to do some research. Where is the list of nations that did both — that had slavery & committed genocide? That is the primary assertion, that the USA is the only nation that would do both — it might be worth including, in terms of making your argument. You are correct, although America is guilty of some bad things, that guilt should not led us to irrational and false historical assertions.

    I also thought this was an interesting fact: “About all this there is no essential disagreement. The most hideous enemy of native Americans was not the white man and his weaponry, concludes Alfred Crosby,”but the invisible killers which those men brought in their blood and breath.” It is thought that between 75 to 90 percent of all Indian deaths resulted from these killers.” By the time the Founders were helping to organize a new nation, sadly, the first nation peoples had been killed off by the millions through disease — not slaughter. I believe that the books 1492 and Plagues and Peoples make this assertion as well.
    – See more at: http://hnn.us/article/7302#sthash.TTbK61zD.dpuf

  9. Anonymous says:

    I CAN NOT AGREE WITH THIS ARTICLE MORE. Being a foreigner in america this an issue that makes me mad the most.

  10. D Marc Moore says:

    You are a cold, arrogant person. How will you feel when history reverses and whites are enslaved and/or hunted and mercilessly slaughtered? Your contempt for history’s gore is fascinating. You and your like should be dissected and studied in depth.

    1. Kali says:

      That’s a silly comment. I don’t think you actually read what I posted. And by the way, whites won’t be hunted and mercilessly slaughtered… Because they will defend themselves, and I’ll be defending them as well. But hey, you know you can ask me questions instead of saying I should be dissected (Of course that’s what NAZIs did… dissect people to find out how they thought).

      I’m sure you believe you’re smart and all, but wouldn’t that make sense?

  11. Jordan says:

    You forgot the part where america still made assimilation and adaptation almost impossible.

    1. Kali says:

      OK, I’ll keep that in mind! As I attempt to think of which “assimilation” you’re referring to. Indians? Blacks?

  12. William says:

    Wow. The logic behind your statements are so intellectually primitive in ‘context and proportion’ and so easily identified as such..that its actually funny.
    Not only do you fail to see the point of the meme..but your responses being those of a defensive nature, are actually part of an unconscious mental process associated with denial. Lol
    The rationalization is an attempt to reduce the threat your feeling and the projection of your own assumed undesirable traits onto others are both part of..thats right..denial.
    The crimes that this meme refers to will remain just that..crimes against humanity. Shameful but acknowledged, reflected upon and worthy of deep consideration..no matter how many uneducated hillbillies suggest ignorance and/or lack of common sense be upon we that see things for what they are, not as we would wish them to be.

    ‘Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.’
    – A. Huxley

    1. K. says:

      Oh Honey! Did I say something you don’t agree with? Intellectually primitive? It’s so funny?!?! Unconscious mental process associated with denial?! Reduce the threat i’m (You used “your”, instead of “you’re” btw) feeling? Projection?

      You sound like you either dropped out of college… ‘or you just had your second psychology class. It is so cute…

      Nice quote by the way. Lots of good google searching huh??? Come back when you’re ready to speak on what I wrote. Lets avoid diagnosing people over the internet. It is so boring!

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