— Zombie Ammunition — From Hornady — Just In Case

Well, Zombies are big right now. Whether its in the movies or on TV, Zombies are damn near in vogue. Think of the last time you heard people talking about The Walking Dead.  Everyone loves that TV show.

ZombieMax AllYea, I’m with you. Zombie’s bore the poop out of me… Because, well, they are not real!  But when I saw this on the shelves, I had to grab a box.  It’s surprisingly expensive at $23 bucks per box of 25 rounds.  I guess I’ll never use it on a an actual Zombie [I hope].  The only Zombies that freak me the hell out… are the ones from 28 Days later, 28 Weeks Later, or perhaps Zombieland.  They terrify me (well, Zombieland Zombies makes me laugh).  That’s beside the point, but you know Zombies have become “Cool” when someone makes ammunition specifically for punching holes through them…. And in comes Hornady.

Hornady is an Ammunition maker who has created its Zombie Max line of ammo.  The 9mm ammo is a masterpiece of Marketing.  Its got Scooby-Doo font writing all over the box and some comic book-esque design ZombieMax backelements to complement that feel.  It looks so tacky that they have to specify on the front of the box… “This Is Live Ammunition, This Is Not A Toy.”  Now if that weren’t enough, the box has rules of how to identify Zombies.  Seriously!  Look on the back of the box:

In the end, it is just standard hollow point ammunition. What makes it different you ask??? Well, it’s got a cool box; its got green hollow point inserts that fit into the hollow point of the bullet (since when did green become the color of zombie) to ensure the bullets are aerodynamic when flying at a Zombie’s pumpkin (head); and its also “certified” for use against zombies.  I don’t know what it takes to “certify” your Zombie bullets, but it’s written across the front of the box so it must be true.

Side Note:  The benefits of Zombie’s are that we no longer have to hear about “Team Edward”, or “Team Jacob” — Vampires and Werewolves are even more stupid than Zombies.  Now Mummies?!?!  That’s where it’s at!

— Kali Pinckney

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