— Connecticut Goes Firearms Crazy — And They Think It’ll Help — Uhhhh, No!

Good for you Connecticut!  You’ve taken that next step.  Irrationally punishing the people who have done nothing wrong.  You (by which I mean We) had an unfortunate and sad situation, and now you’re using that act to justify a far worse act.  It is terrible when anyone dies.  It is tragic when anyone is murdered.  It is horrific when you take away the people’s Rights.

You’re going to learn that the utopia you dream of, DOES NOT EXIST and any attempts to create it can only end badly for you.  Instead of curtailing the crazy, bad, or otherwise violent people, you’re removing the Rights of individuals who have proven to follow the laws up to this point – Constitution be damned.  Lets Look at some of your gun control proposals.  I’ll give you the obvious issue as we do.

Ban sales of high-capacity ammunition magazinesmagazines; [You’ll learn that you CANNOT ban them, you can only create a black market!  They Exist and have been around for 100 years.  They will be used by the next crazy person that shoots up a place. And they are not going to leave your state.  The bad people of the future WILL have them.  Besides, “High Capacity Magazines”, Are known as “Magazines” to most gun owners.]

Bans people who voluntarily commit themselves to a hospital from getting gun permits or eligibility certificates within six months of their release; [This will stop people from voluntarily committing themselves. This will obviously backfire! And besides, Who issues the “Eligibility Certificates?”]

Background checks for private gun sales; [No one is going to do that, you’ll only create a black market.  It’s ridiculous.  Why should someone have to pay someone else (a third-party gun dealer)… to sell their own property?, Especially when it’s easier to sell it outright.]

New registry for existing magazines that carry 10 or more bullets; [Who registers magazines?  They don’t even have serial numbers and almost all of them (even handguns) are beyond 10 rounds.  Are they to be registered when an owner sells them, gives them away, or throws them away?  Because people throw these $8-$30 pieces away when they break.  Who pays for this registration program?  And again, no one’s gonna do that.]

Statewide dangerous weapon offender registry[OK, knock yourselves out! Kinda sounds like a Police Record, but… OK.]

Immediate universal background checks for all firearms sales[But won’t stop cases where people who have them, go crazy! SUCH AS NEWTOWN; Which is what you’re trying to stop, right?]

Expansion of Connecticut’s assault weapons ban; [Adding more weapons to a class of weapons that does not exist in society, the “Assault Weapon”, is still useless.  Besides, the Ban didn’t stop the Newtown incident and has never proven to limit crime.  Absolute Waste Of Time.]

Safety training and other requirements to buy any rifle, shotgun or ammunition; [What if a person owns 3 or 4 guns already? has been in the military? Is a Police Officer? Does he still need to go to training? Who pays for the training?  And will one of the lessons be about not going crazy and murdering people?  Is there a test at the end of the course? and what are the “Other Requirements”.]

Bans people involuntarily committed to a hospital within the past 60 months from possessing a firearm or receiving a permit or eligibility certificate; [What if it was a mistake by a vindictive ex-wife?  Can the police merely determine an individual should be committed? What if it is found that someone was committed accidentally? How long must one be committed? 60 days?, 30 days?, 1 day?  Again? How do you get these “Eligibility Certificates”]

Increases minimum age eligibility for purchase of some semi-automatic rifles to 21 years of age[OK!  Won’t do anything if the buyer buys on the black market, and we don’t really have a rash of 16 year olds buying Semi-Automatic rifles.  Not going to help anything.]

Expands requirements for safe storage of firearms; [So now, what, police will  need to search people’s homes to inspect and ensure everyone is securing their own property…  Next, they’ll say EVERYONE should have a $2000 gun safe.  And yet, this won’t stop ANYTHING.  Crazy people don’t care about your rules for storage; just like they don’t care about rules for registration; or rules against murder]

Now, I understand that you in Connecticut have been hurt, I feel for those who have lost family members in this tragic way, but this is the equivalent of cutting off your leg because you have an infected toe.  This is just so far Sandy Hookbeyond the actual threat or any actual reason.  And sadly, it’s all shit.  None of these items would’ve stopped the Newtown incident itself and none of these laws will stop the next terrible incident.  There are Millions of gun owners in Connecticut (With 101,000 firearms sold in 2012) and now, all of them are to be punished because a crazy murderer killed 26 people. That is damn-near madness!

Unfortunately, if you believe in freedom and liberty, there will be those who misuse their freedoms, but you have proven that you want, nor deserve your own freedoms?  What’s worse, Is you’ll be giving up your freedom to a government.  And when I say “giving up”, let it be known that you’ve had your rights taken away by government.  The few politicians who have taken an oath to protect the Federal and State Constitutions, have voted to minimize your Rights, and you will not get them back without a fight.  And you only have yourselves to blame.  It reminds me of that Benjamin Franklin quote he gave to the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1755 (No, I wasn’t there) when he noted:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Connecticut, apparently (as a whole), you do not deserve Liberty or Safety.  Good luck and Congratulations.

— Kali Pinckney

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