— That Dude That’s Juggling Whilst Solving Three Rubik’s Cubes


In the pantheon of amazing stuff; you’ve got the pyramids; you’ve got Tiesto; and you’ve got Formula 1… But wait.  What about that dude that can juggle three Rubik’s cubes whilst solving them simultaneously.  Impossible you say?!?!  Watch:

It’s true. Rubik’s cube by themselves are only good for solving one side at a time (if you’re me) while you’re on a long road trip – to which you are not driving – if you already own one.  Other than that, they are pretty damned boring. And when I say pretty boring;  they are Slinky boring.  Juggling, is worse, and only serves to piss people off when someone is juggling anything other than chainsaws or ninja swords. But someone who can juggle Rubik’s cubes while solving them is some kind of savant.

That is impressive right?

— Kali Pinckney


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