— What Would Your Friends Do For You — Carlsberg


This is The Ultimate Friendship Test.

How do you really know if your — so called — friends are really your friends?  How do you know that they’d put their asses on the line for you?  Well Carlsberg (which is actually, the only Soccer Jersey I’ve ever worn) figured it out.  You set up a scenario that occurs at 3 A.M. and go for it….

Now ask yourself, which friends of yours would rescue you?  And go give them a hug and thank them.  And ask yourself if you’d go rescue your friends.

But this is about the most perfect commercial or ad that ever was.  It is a creative ad, executed perfectly.  It brings in emotion, suspense, a great setting, and it brings in factors that cannot possibly be planned.

What do you think???

Kali Pinckney


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