— Is It Time To Boycott The Big Five Firearms Companies — Probably

Over the last few weeks — if you are to believe the reports — over 115 individual firearms manufacturing companies and are refusing to sell firearms to government agencies who are Just A Question plasticassociated with the local, township, City, County, State, or Federal governments who support efforts to limit Second Amendment rights of those citizens within their jurisdictions.  Appropriately, they’ve decided not to sell to police and, it makes sense.  If citizens can’t legally have 30 round magazines, why should police?  These are legal products.  An equivalent would be if the average person couldn’t have alcohol, why should government be able to have it?  The obvious answer is that they shouldn’t.  Imagine if the average American didn’t have the Right Of Free Speech, yet the Government did.  There is little doubt, it would be wrong.  So instead of banning the items outright, jurisdictions want to make the legal items illegal — for citizens, but not themselves.

No, I don’t blame government for doing it… because governments throughout history have proven that they always want, desire, and strive to become ever-stronger. Inversely, governments always want, desire, and strive to make its citizens weaker and more compliant.  That’s the way it always is, and Revolutionsthe way it will always be!  It’s up to people to occasionally slap government back into its place and that happens regularly throughout history.

Now, here’s the problem.  All of these companies that restricted government from their business are large enough to send a message, but are too small to make a distinct and obvious impact.  Now, I’m not going to label the larger companies useless, but I will say they are short-sighted. They are keeping quiet for fear that they’ll lose future law enforcement, military, and government contracts.  Companies like Colt, Remington, Beretta, Sig Sauer, and Glock love selling their guns (and ammo) to government and making big-money at inflated government rates; but perhaps they should read one of my favorite poems, The Hangman.  The “Real-Life Hangman” starts with sitting idly by whilst others have their rights taken away, and it ends with these large companies themselves having their rights (and customers) taken away.

‘Perhaps these companies better think twice about their futures.  Now, I’m not calling for a BOYCOTT in any way, but if there was one, I’d definitely, go with it.  These Big Five should reevaluate whether they want the government contracts now, or want to be able to sell their products to all legal owners for the next few centuries [or until a big asteroid crashes into the earth].

— Kali Pinckney


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