— Friedrich Hayek — On Government Imposed Equality

Now, alot of people are confused with the idea FriedrichHayekof equality in America.  Many confuse the concept that we are all BORN “equal” with the idea that we all should have “equal outcomes” in life.  There is no doubt, that our lives are of equal VALUE, however, there should be no confusion that some of us will do more than others, some will be more successful, some will be more artistic, funny, intelligent, rich, lucky, or be provided more than others.  As an example; Which life was more valuable from the year 1502??

1) Paulo the fisherman? Who went fishing 3 times a week in order to feed his family?   OR

2) Leonardo Da Vinci’s?

Despite the fact that the value of their lives was equal, Da Vinci’s life produced far more.  The world, humanity, and history is more favorable to Da Vinci.  In that sense, they are NOT equal.  And we arrive at the fact; that government can’t impose such a value on lives.  The Economist, Friedrich August (F.A.) Hayek explains it succinctly:

“That the state ought to treat all people equally in spite the fact that they are unequal; you can’t deduce from this, a rule, that because the people are unequal, you ought to treat them unequally in order to make them equal, and that’s what social justice amounts to.  It’s a demand that the state should treat different people differently in order to place them in the same position. The rule of equal treatment applies only to things the state has to do in any case, but to make, making people equal a goal of governmental policy, would force government to treat people very unequally indeed.”

Seems pretty simple right? Hence the reason why socialism NEVER can work.  People are unequal and you cannot make them socially equal!

— Kali Pinckney


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