— Bob Marley Documentary — You’ve Got To See This One If You’re A Fan.

Alright, If you’re a fan of Bob Marley, you’ve gotta see this one documentary.  I’ve watched it twice now and it gets me every time.  It’s a documentary, but… it’s not like it’s a boring “documentary”, if you understand what marley-movie-poster1I’m saying.  You know when you see a standard documentary based -on the life and times- of an individual, you get a ego inflating concoction of horsecrap that lulls you to sleep ever so slowly??  Well this isn’t that.

Despite being 2 hours, 24 minutes [plus bathroom break and beer/fridge pause time], it flies by quickly.  This ‘Doc not only covers Bob’s -Start with the Wailers, it also covers his -upbringing as an interracial child, -his start introductions to people such as Rita Marley (his wife), Peter Tosh, and the other Wailers.  -It covers his Father, and -his Rasta Farian beliefs; including the footage of when King Haile Salassie visited Jamaica.  Some of the other items of note is the footage from Jamaica’s Independence (from the British), and the 1970’s periods of political unrest; which is when he got shot.

There is so much info in this 2012 documentary that makes it a treasure to see.  You know what I didn’t know… That Bob actually lived in the US for awhile and worked at Chyrsler… I know right!  You also kinda see that he got around with the ladies… while he was married to Rita.  It covers up to the point that he found out he had Cancer and to his eventual death.

All around, this was a great Documentary.  The producer/writer, Kevin Macdonald, will go down in history for producing the best Bob Documentary of all those who’ve tried before him.  If you’re a Bob fan, go check this one out.  And lucky you… It is free to view on NETFLIX.

— Kali Pinckney


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