— Ladies And Shotguns — And Joe Biden’s Silly Comments


Alright, Remember when Biden told the ladies of America that they should get a shotgun??  Yea!  It was pretty stupid. And worse, it was coming from the Vice President of the United States.  Wow!  Anyways.  The Black Sphere put out a pretty funny video to illustrate the thing you should remember when thinking about buying a shotgun.  *** But first and Foremost — DONT listen to Biden when he says go out on the porch.  STAY IN THE HOUSE with the shotgun! And secure your doors and windows.  Here goes the video:

Joe; Now although the sound of a Racking Shotgun is a truly American sound, that we all recognize innately as “oh $#IT!”, Shotguns require a bit more effort to use against multiple persons if they are not in the same direction from the shooter and perhaps beyond 50 ft.  Obviously, trained personnel are dangerous with Shotguns, but if it keeps blowing itself out of your hands, you probably shouldn’t get one!  Rifles such as the AR15 may require some training and practice regarding aiming…. but they are way easier to shoot.

— Kali Pinckney


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