— The Shepherd’s Sheep — That Would Be You!!

Your government loves you!  It’s not the kind of love that will cause a parent to die for their child, but it’s more akin to how an owner loves his property.  Government wouldn’t risk itself for ANY American.  It wouldn’t even sheep and dogrisk embarrassment to ensure the safety of one of its Ambassadors [that would be Benghazi].  So, Government loves you, kinda like a shepherd loves his sheep.

A Shepherd puts up fences to BOTH keep the predators out, and to keep his sheep in.  He’ll ensure one sheep doesn’t hurt another sheep, and he’ll hit a sheep with a stick when it starts eating from his personal garden.  The Shepherd will lead HIS sheep to water if need be.  He’ll put some hay in their pen if the ground is not providing enough.  The Shepherd doesn’t work for the Sheep and the Sheep have no rights.  The Shepherd will decide when the sheep eat, when they are sold, where they live, and yes, whether they live or die.  The Shepherd alone decides what is appropriate behavior and when he doesn’t like something, he will arbitrarily disperse justice as he sees fit.  He does this because the sheep are too stupid to live without him, and because, he owns them.  The governments’ of Nazi Germany [if you’ll excuse me], the Soviet Union, and Communist China treated their people exactly the same as the Shepherd treats his Sheep. Right?  Those government’s didn’t even pretend to treat their citizens as humans, whom the government works on behalf of.  They used force to put the citizens in the position of bowing to the government’s power and/or whims.  These citizens, just as sheep, had no individual rights to anything.

Just as the above governments, a Shepherd may have a sheep-dog (or a rifle) to ensure the wolves stay away, but it’s not because he values their safety… it’s because he values his property!  As his property, he makes the decision on how much they will eat, when they will eat, how much he will sell them for, and when he will slaughter them.  He will decide if/when, he turns his rifle on his sheep, because it is his decision alone. He’ll shear his sheep, sell their wool, and use that money to buy himself what he wants.  But the point is;

We all have to decide if we are to be free — or if we will allow a Shepherd to slowly, but surely,  put us into his pen, train us to think that we are free, and simultaneously train us to believe that sheep_cartoonwe are dependent upon him.  Are we to believe that we should let the government do what it wants to us?

The Shepherd will pet his sheep on the head and give them a whistle, and whenever they hear him whistle, some of the sheep will come running to him because they’ve been trained to do so in order to get “free” stuff.  As the Government whistles, it conditions and trains Americans in a similar fashion — to ask for free stuff and governmental programs,  some sheep will find it impossible to turn down a free meal.  But as Milton Friedman noted, there are no free meals.

They’ll be dumb and happy because they get free food and water without having to try too hard to find it, but eventually, they’ll realize — just as you will — that YOU’RE NOT FREE!  And that there’s a point when “free stuff”, becomes bait!

Would you rather be a sheep, or would you rather be free?

Kali Pinckney

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