— Great Moments In Democrat Racist History — Hugo Black


This one is kinda old, but it’s worth watching every once in awhile.  Because, It is funny how quickly, we forget our history.  Hugo Black was truly a doucebag.

It’s amazing to think that the party who ended racism in our country is the one labeled as racist (Republican), and the party who -gave way to the KKK and -Eugenics (Blacks were amongst the “unfit”), -voted for EVERY Jim Crow law that ever was, and -voted against the Civil Rights Act, would be considered in any way not-racist.  You can’t even find a Democrat nowadays that would even admit that their party used to be RACISTS.

Obviously, it’s best if we were all Libertarian because race truly doesn’t matter if you believe in individual rights and the government’s limited role in protecting those individual rights, but until that day…

— Kali Pinckney


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