— Drone Strikes — If That Were My Country — I’d Be Furious

You know what?  It’s hard to bring this up because I’m an American.  But I feel that it needs to be said.  The drone strikes that are taking place in other countries are beginning to wear on me.

But here’s the thing.  If any country were to target citizens in my country… for any reason! I’d be furious!  I don’t care if that foreign country declared my countryman a terrorist in pakistandronetheir country and I wouldn’t care if they were working with the US Government and getting permission before each strike.  I wouldn’t care if they’re Democrats, Socialists, or whatever!  I would hate them all the same.

We here in the United States need to decide if what we’re doing is OK or not!  If you were awoken to a detonation down the street and heard that it was a drone strike, would you be OK with that?  How many times would you have to hear about a kid accidentally being hit by a missile from a drone strike before you’d want blood.  How many buildings have to be collapsed onto innocent people before we (as a country), recognize that those innocent people, have as much reason to live as we do.

Both as a Vet and a Libertarian, I may have a jaded view of life and death, so I’m not coming from this as a, “life is sacred” place, but if you’re going to blow up targets in someone’s country, you better have a damned good reason.  Even with the permission of the foreign government, the people of that country will STILL hate the country firing the missiles… and that is us.  Excuse me if you disagree with what I’m about to say; and it does pain me to even say it and to draw similarities between Drone Strikes and Terrorism, but I believe there is merit.  Terrorism is generally defined as; The use of violence in order to effect political change.  You can also get into the FBI or CIA definitions but that is besides the point.

If Americans were being wounded in my country by some foreign country’s drone strikes.  I would be willing to fight and I would hate them immediately.  If I were President and a country was shooting missiles into my country, I would immediately send over an Aircraft Carrier or two.  I’d also send over a few Stealth Bombers and some Nuclear subs just for good measure.  I’m sure other countries would do the same if they had the resources to do so.  Our use of force against a weaker, smaller countries… makes the United States a bully.  Sure we want to keep ourselves safe from terrorism.  Sure we want to put the bad guys under.  But are we killing those who are fighting because we are fighting them?  That’s the question?

Imagine if any country – Russia, China, North Korea, Denmark, Switzerland, the U.N. had troops patrolling the streets in America?  A few of us (which would likely be millions) would be doing all we could to kill them; merely because they were here.

Now, obviously, there’s a place for such attacks (Drone strikes ARE attacks) in war zones and perhaps in some extreme circumstances, such as High Value targets like Bin Laden, who coincidentally we went in to get, but there is a point when drone strikes become… the use of violence in order to effect political change.

We all should recognize that this WILL come back to haunt us…

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There have been approximately (Government doesn’t tell) 350 drone strikes and approximately (Government doesn’t know) 2800+ casualties since 2008. Many of the deaths are civilians.  Some of the people who want this to cease are Patriot’s to their countries, and they won’t forget what the US is doing; and in their position, neither would I (as a Patriot).  We, as a country, need to determine if we are doing the right thing, or if we’re being led astray by our government’s bad policy.

Kali Pinckney

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