— I’m Not Afraid Of….. But I Am Afraid Of …… Government!

“Freedom is sloppy. But since tyranny’s the only guaranteed byproduct of those who insist on a perfect world, freedom will have to do.” — Bill Willingham

Now, I’m not afraid of Spiders, Al Qaeda, Rabid Dogs, Scorpions, Gang Members, Rats, Random Brain Aneurysms, Ebola, Burning To Death In My chuckyCrashed Car Whilst Trapped inside, Computer Virus’, Chucky, Revolutions, Kittens With Sniper Rifles, IED’s, Nuclear War, Zombies, Ghosts, Tornadoes, Snakes On A Plane, The DPRK, Polar Bears, Chemical Weapons, Asteroids Crashing Into The Earth, Good People Carrying Guns, Bats (the flying Rat kind), People who get upset and remind me that Bats are mammals, Friday The 13th, Vampires, Fire Ants, Public Speaking, Airplane Crashes, Electrical Shock, Africanized Killer Bees, Yea.. I’m not so much scared of those things.

But I AM afraid of a few things.  Amongst them, The Yakuza, Leeches, and toilet-water Splashback contacting my skin in public bathrooms (Yes, I Know I have issues).  But all of that fear is nothing compared to the fear I have of government.  I don’t trust “them” not one iota, because:

“They” have too much power over one’s life.  “They” do not accept limits on their behavior.  And when they are faced with limitations or legalities, they desperately seek to find a means to defeat those limits.   Whether it’s the police, the court system, the IRS, The TSA, evilhouseCongress, NSA (who’s no doubt reviewing this), The Federal Reserve, FEMA, The DHS, The President, Any Politicians actually.  The Federal government should be distrusted.  Whereas States are learning that people can leave if they feel that they are being mistreated (taxed into oblivion) due to collectivism, and dare I say, “socialist ideals”;  The problem is that you cannot get away from the Feds and it will take a some serious drama before they realize that they’ve gone too far.

It was Thomas Jefferson who once said, “The Natural Progress Of Things Is For Liberty To Yield And Government To Gain Ground.”  What that means in the real world is that in one instance, government will attempt to ban Alcohol… and in the next instance, it will ban light bulbs; And they will ALWAYS claim it is the best thing for everyone and that they [government] are only doing what’s right for the people. Of course, this argument can extend to anything from securing loose nuclear material, to forcing Japanese citizens into internment camps during WW2, to Universal (Federal) Healthcare, to, well; Banning Incandescent lightbulbs.

To be blunt; If YOU feel that you can trust government with your life, safety, and rights, you’re a blind fool.  Obviously, government has its role WHEN CONSTRAINED.  When not constrained, however, it is as trustworthy as a Slavemaster. Government’s sole purpose is to grow, gain more power, and to force us unequal shapes, known as the individual, into the uniform, equal-sized, equal-shaped holes.  You can be certain that in this process, Taxes WILL rise indefinitely!  The number of Laws WILL rise indefinitely!  The number of controls over individual behavior WILL increase indefinitely!  The number of individuals willing to accept subservience to government WILL rise indefinitely!  But as government gains influence and power, the rights of those burdened under it, WILL LOSE their influence and power.  This government proclivity alone should be enough to terrify anyone who enjoys their rights and freedom.

It’s worthy to note, that NO government throughout history has decided it should be LESS powerful and intrusive into its citizens lives [on its own]… and neither will the US Government.  Just look to history, observe the present, and prepare for the inevitable.

Kali Pinckney

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  1. All seem to be legitimate fears. Don’t forget the FTC!

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